“Tapping” Into Your HIGHER SELF

stainglass1KAIA RA SPEAKS:

Today’s channeling came through as I meditated in a private interfaith chapel whose visionary beauty moved me to spontaneous tears.

Stained glass windows captured the SACRED HEART of Jesus alongside the immortal yogi Babaji. A Byzantine Mother Mary softly smiled upon an altar to Kali.

Unbeknownst to my human awareness, today was an unexpected date with the divine – just how I like it, with all the faces of my non-physical friends welcoming me to PRESENCE through the genius of artistry and sacred architecture.

I did not know today’s travels would orchestrate a perfect day of healing to experience my wholeness in a new way, but I had trusted all the signs that my HIGHER SELF had communicated to lead me to that temple.

I am now experiencing the every day tangibility of my HIGHER SELF’s guidance with such frequency that it appears there is nothing in my life that is outside its orchestration. How is it that the more I step into the light waves of form the more concrete and precious the form becomes as a vehicle of liberation from form?

stainglass5Physical objects have taken on a new role as a teacher in my awareness: they are precious solely because they are an orchestration of my HIGHER SELF continuously speaking to me.

The physicality of this message from my HIGHER SELF to my human self is evolving me, softening me, shaping me into the answered prayer of who I want to be faster than ever now.

If I indulge in old behavior or an unconscious belief that no longer serves me I immediately experience the resistance of such actions as an acute physical separation from the peace of my HIGHER SELF’s PRESENCE.

The last outposts of my own turning away from myself are no longer bearably uncomfortable.


The Chinese Water Snake of 2013 has now slithered far within our personal and collective psyche, quickening us to awaken the wisdom within that can lead us through the deep waters of our emotional intelligence as an essential key to our empowerment. Take advantage of this year of lightening change and serpentine illumination.

Take advantage of the fact that you can drink a latté at a Barnes & Noble while devouring volumes of enlightened information that in other lifetimes we would have been willing to die for as an adept in a mystery school initiation. As your fingers scan the rainbow of book covers, listen for your HIGHER SELF whispering “this one” when you’re asking for information about your next step.

We can “have it all” in this lifetime if we are willing to LISTEN and FOLLOW the guidance of the DIVINE WITHIN calling us ever onward to the joy of discovering that everything we need for our personal and collective awakening is right here, RIGHT NOW, if we are available for the grace, ease and simplicity of which it is being offered.

Affirm: I AM actively listening and available for my every next step as directed by my HIGHER SELF.


These days I am in continual awe of what happens for myself when I am actively dialoguing with my HIGHER SELF. For example, I recently felt guided to attend a conference on Nick Ortner’s book, The Tapping Solution – A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living.

stainglass4A last-minute decision, I initially questioned shifting my busy schedule around to attend this conference. However, my daily practice of honoring strong feelings of intuition as communion with my HIGHER SELF inspired an unexpected prioritizing of my time.

As soon as the conference began it was obvious that THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE and my HIGHER SELF were guiding me through my emotional intelligence to learn tapping (EFT) as a personal tool of quantum empowerment.

For the past 3 days I have been exploring its simple technique and experiencing profound personal changes. Ortner has written an incredibly clear and user friendly book to easily get started on making your own quantum leaps of consciousness with tapping.

I highly recommend tapping as a resource to access and communicate with your HIGHER SELF. To be honest, I have been so impressed with the results it inspired me to channel today’s Blog post to spread the word about tapping and the rise of quantum healing modalities from the perspective of THE COUNCIL.

I share this example in hopes that you too will honor those intuitive feelings guiding your own unique next steps of empowerment that allows for greater joy in your life. As THE COUNCIL speaks about below, we are living in what they call an AGE OF MIRACLES, in which we have more access to tools of authentic and permanent transformation than ever before. My curiosity is peeked by this lifetime’s opportunity to up level my human awareness at a quantum space. How curious are you? What has actively listening to your HIGHER SELF recently manifested for your personal development?

stainglass6Last night, I also explored tapping while listening to my guided meditations from MOTHER MARY to maximize its DNA activation for THE SOPHIA CODE within me. I was in tears at the beauty I was experiencing, this time from the temple within.

If you do decide to explore tapping for yourself, I would love to hear about your own experiences of tapping while listening to my recorded guided meditations.

May today’s message from THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE inspire your next step.




We are THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE, assembled here, in service to earth, from every realm of heaven to sanctify and honor the divinity of humanity. Humanity was originally designed to KNOW ITSELF as made in the exact likeness of the DIVINE MOTHER SOPHIA from which all form arises. For humanity to ACCEPT and LOVE THYSELF as the divinity it has sought for eons outside of itself would mean for your species to graduate and ascend into its next era of SELF-REALIZATION as mature citizens capable of responsibly participating in an intergalactic community of life.

stainglass3The spontaneous and miraculous healing that is occurring right now on this planet is that humanity is finally moving beyond justifying the trauma of a millennium of war and disease perpetuated by the EGO.

The current ratio of incarnated human beings who live in dialogue with their HIGHER SELF consciousness has leveraged a great turning point in humanity’s collective consciousness.

Disastrous times for the planet have been averted by YOU who have chosen to love yourselves through the constant shamanic deaths of the past 20 years. As you continue to clarify your inner world to remember the GODSELF WITHIN, peace is and will continue to expand in the heart of humanity to remember its SOVEREIGNTY anew.

We appreciate each of you for the courage, persistent faith, strength, and love you have exemplified by your continued participation in creating a tidal wave shift for humanity’s consciousness to value itself and the earth once again.

Please know that YOU are revered as heroes by an intergalactic community who love and cherish the earth just as much as you do.

Today, centuries of human exploration in suffering for the sake of expansion is now a fulcrum for the hyper acceleration and planetary flooding of spiritual access to healing modalities, palatable enlightened texts, and a new understanding of quantum reality.

stainglass7As an individual human being you are connected to and a part of every shift happening in global consciousness. As many of you have been experiencing, this connection to your species’ evolution requires fastidious self-care and nourishment of your body, mind and soul to ride the waves of collective release that is accelerating your personal release and vice versa.

In particular, the soothing and re-patterning of previous trauma, chronic stress, and outdated belief systems will serve you at this time greater than any other focus. For as the “flight or fight” response is consistently stopped and re-patterned in your body, you are able to more easily access through your feeling nature the truth of your SOVEREIGN BEING.

Your SOVEREIGNTY is a quality of your essential nature, it is an immutable quality, an eternal aspect of your TRUE SELF that never changes throughout the course of your life’s various circumstances. In your ABSOLUTE SOVEREIGNTY, you can allow unconscious root beliefs that have nothing to do with the truth of your perfect divinity to create feedback in your life such as poverty, illness, stagnation, and alienation.

Remember that as you were made in the image and likeness of the ONE DIVINE MOTHER – Creatrix of ALL LIFE – you have been given absolute power and FREE WILL to create or have anything — including your suffering.

Depending upon your root belief systems, there may be many current manifestations in your life that feel dis-empowered, stagnant, or diseased. Any undesirable manifestation is simply the physical feedback of a tenaciously kept unconscious root belief.

A root belief is merely a constructed thought pattern that has been practiced by your human thought processes and has traveled enough times through your physical neurology that you now identify with this thought pattern as though the root belief were a physical possession or a part of your personality. That is all an unconscious root belief is.


However, due to the havoc an unconscious root belief may cause in your internal and physical life, it may seem impossible to overcome it from a human perspective. We assure you that from the perspective of the GODSELF WITHIN YOU all harmful unconscious root beliefs are but dried wood for the funeral pyre of your resurrected understanding that you are invincible in your divine nature.

Looking through the eyes of your HIGHER SELF, one dissonant root belief, thought, or constructed identity is miniscule in comparison to the size, breadth and depth of your perfect, eternal GODSELF. Consider how many unconscious root beliefs can be operating as viral codes in your body while you still maintain an equilibrium, at the very least, to continue your life on earth.

Now consider what it would feel like to take that same power WITHIN YOU that can uncomfortably bear the self-tyranny of harmful unconscious beliefs and direct that power to erase these root beliefs forever from the operating system of your consciousness.

stainglass2With vigilance, remember your ever available, absolute SOVEREIGN power to investigate and liberate those uncomfortable places currently controlled by unconscious beliefs by asking your HIGHER SELF to guide you to those actions and resources that will restore and empower your consciousness to receive its true wholeness every day.

This accelerated AGE OF MIRACLES and its abundance of spiritual information is but an outer manifestation of your inner choice to incarnate at a time of accessible awakening on the earth. You chose to be here now, when it is easier than ever to experience yourself as the SOVEREIGN creator of your own reality.

Ask to be guided and clearly shown by the SOURCE WITHIN YOU what those next physical steps are for the liberation of your human subconscious. As each step is taken, more holy ground within is recovered for THE SOPHIA CODE to awaken as your mainframe operating system. You may find that your personal exploration of a new modality, technique, or spiritual lineage will also directly benefit others.

We invite you to a daily communion with your HIGHER SELF consciousness to guide your unique journey of SELF-REALIZATION to access those quantum healing modalities, spiritual technologies, and daily miracles that are increasingly available to you now in your community of humanity. Taking healthy risks, as guided by your HIGHER SELF, are those blessed evolutionary changes paramount for living your destiny.


Finally, we would like to complete this message with a closing observation. A great shift in collective consciousness allows for your personal reality to be understood with more clarity than ever before due to the influential power of a stabilized population of perception leveraging its truth into reality. This population of perception irrefutably knows that life can be much, much easier in every way if you are ready to surrender to the grace of this absolute truth.

When greater access to joyful ease becomes a defined parameter in consciousness its polar opposite of suffering may be experienced in even greater measure from holding on to outdated beliefs while the gap of what is possible widens exponentially.

It’s time to let go and allow the truth of your SOVEREIGN GODSELF to create your HEAVEN ON EARTH, one loving step-at-a-time.


May your every step be guided by daily communication with your HIGHER SELF to discover those solutions uniquely suited for your healing journey that tap into the quantum potential of living wholeness now accessible in this AGE OF MIRACLES.

We are THE SOPHIA DRAGON TRIBE, messengers from the DIVINE MOTHER OF ALL LIFE as WAYSHOWERS of Her everlasting love revealed in the unconditional gift of your immutable, SOVEREIGN divine nature. We are here as your friends who know THE WAY ahead, and offer our ever present support of your eternal success. Ask and you shall receive.



© KAIA RA 2013

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