$1333 Exclusive Offer ($1695 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $177 per Month for 8 months


Discover the Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

Have you ever wanted to ask Kaia Ra questions about expanding in your professional leadership?

In this year’s Golden Dragon Mentor Journey you can get those important questions answered by Kaia Ra with LIVE classes, brand new activations, and relevant downloads for this year from March - June 2020!


With every class, you’ll receive a wealth of valuable insights from Kaia Ra’s leadership at the frontlines of a groundbreaking international movement, in which she guides thousands of Lightworkers worldwide. 

Mentorship topics will range from how to navigate the vulnerable growth edge of being seen as a leader, the convergence of the spiritual and grounded practice of owning your own business, nurturing your clients and community with an open heart and healthy boundaries, and how to take your professional offering to the next level with grace and confidence. 

You’ll be transforming side-by-side with a loving community of likeminded leaders with your access to our online forum where you can also receive curriculum support from our Team Angels!

Are you torn between the desire to lead others and a fear of stepping into your divine purpose? 

Kaia Ra teaches that it’s natural to have all of your feelings about leading — and that you still need to show up to your calling anyway.


It has never been more important to thrive in your embodied leadership as a living example of what’s possible during these polarized times of global crisis. As you lead from your heart, your example will inspire others to step into their essential roles as well.

The 2020 astrological shifts are awakening souls worldwide to mobilize as spiritual leaders at this time, and you are one of them! The revolutionary teachings in the Stargate 2 Curriculum will guide your heart in how to answer this calling and embrace your essential role as a leader at the forefront of this evolutionary leap. 

Are you ready to be respected and appreciated for the offering that you came here to contribute?

Your important role matters and the Golden Dragon Mentor Journey will offer you the mentorship and community support you deserve to shine beyond outdated fears and to step forward as a professional Wayshower!

Our Golden Dragon Mentor Journey
Begins March 4, 2020!

Your Golden Dragon Mentor Package Includes:

-  (8) LIVE Q&A Mentorship 2-Hour Classes with Kaia Ra

-  Access to NEW modules from Kaia Ra's forthcoming book

-  50+ Hours of Classes in the Stargate 2 Curriculum

-  Higher Self Leadership Activations

-  Professional Tools & Transformational Business Skills

-  Access to (5) Mentor Q&A Recordings with Kaia Ra

-  NEW Ritual & Self-Mastery Activation Steps

-  Mentor Practices with the Ascended Masters

-  Private Online Class Forum

-  New Ritual & Self-Mastery Activations Steps

-  BONUS March 19th Spring Equinox Ceremony

-  BONUS June 20th Summer Solstice Ceremony

-  Team Angel Member Support

-  Coupon for $111 OFF Sedona 2020 Leadership Conference

-  Coupon for 20% OFF (1) Keycode Pendant or Wristlette

-  Priority Review for 2020 VIP Immersive Application

Exclusive Offer $1333

($1695 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Payment Plans Available 

$177 per Month for 8 months

2020 LIVE Mentor Class Schedule

March 4 & 18 @ 2 PM PST

March 19 @ 2 PM PST — BONUS Spring Equinox Ceremony

April 8 & 22 @ 2 PM PST

May 6 & 20 @ 2 PM PST

June 10 & 17 @ 2 PM PST

June 20 @ 12 PM PST — BONUS Summer Solstice Ceremony


Activates Divine Feminine Christ Leadership Archetypes Within You

In the Stargate 2 Curriculum Kaia Ra invites you to explore the powerful inner journey and elegant equations that are required for thriving in your leadership within a trinity of interdependent archetypes called: The Creatrix, The Healer, & The Teacher. You’ll dive deep into each of these revolutionary archetypes during your Golden Dragon Mentor Journey. 

The Creatrix archetype is a holy force of nature that resources both her communion with Sophia and a divine magick that exists beyond the laws of form to download her creations on Earth. Her feet are rooted in the Earth and her heart surfs at the leading edge of Sophia Christ consciousness. Revolutions begin in her womb and ultimate mastery unfolds through her willingness to listen and take action on behalf of the immaculate conceptions perpetually arising within her to rebirth this world. Creatrix leadership is one of the most demanding and sophisticated forms of spiritual leadership that allows for new paradigm creations and solutions to come forward where none existed before. A Creatrix could wear a suit in a high rise, own an organic bakery, or be the woman networking many souls together to champion a cause.  

Be the Womb of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

The Healer archetype is a facet of Sophia’s consciousness that knows how to reconcile the broken heart of humanity with the truth of its whole, sovereign divinity. Her superpowers are in service to this reconciliation and include: acute somatic sensitivity, genius emotional intelligence, diplomatic bridge building, invitations to grace, multidimensional healing, and remaining open as a chalice for Sophia God’s divine love to flood this world. New paradigm solutions arise from her direct relationship with life, including the soul medicine bundles that quantum leap others beyond their attachments to suffer. The Healer's body is the vehicle for her understanding to inform The Creatrix what is needed to be birthed next for your divine purpose. The Healer can be found in any arena of professional life with a strong emerald green or pink aura compassionately caring for everyone around her. However, this archetype thrives most in any transformational industry and is driven to fulfill her purpose as an invitation for others to remember the all-powerful healing light of Sophia God within us. 

Be the Heart of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

The Teacher archetype advocates for both The Creatrix and The Healer to step forward and be recognized for their embodied brilliance. She is the voice that illuminates the elegant equations and inner workings of these interdependent archetypes and is responsible for ensuring that the entire trinity is seen in the spotlight of your leadership. Stepping into The Teacher archetype triggers an enormous amount of fears and resistances, which clears your inner temple space for The Creatrix and The Healer to deliver their new paradigm creations to the world through your willing life. The Teacher is the witness, the guide, the mentor, and the messenger that is always revealing how your Higher Self is guiding your authentic learning experiences as content for future teachings. Her leadership can be expressed in any career, ministerial calling, or corporate role that allows for her insightful wisdom to influence a next-level awakening, evolution, or breakthrough for others. The Teacher archetype is forever leveling up your reality as she asks you to respect the gifts of your soul by sharing them with others through sacred service. 

Be the Voice of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

Join the 2020 LIVE Mentor Calls with Kaia Ra!

Exclusive Offer $1333



($1695 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $177 per Month for 8 months

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