$777 Exclusive Offer ($1100 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $111 per Month for 8 months


The Sophia Code Activates Your Sovereign Divinity

Have you ever wanted to ask Kaia Ra about your journey as you read The Sophia Code? 

In this year’s Silver Dragon Mentor Journey you can walk with Kaia Ra through every chapter of The Sophia Code teachings and get your questions answered LIVE!


You will be guided into the sacred heart of Sophia Christ consciousness, where you’ll receive powerful activations and important tools for how to activate your divine genome, mentor with the Ascended Masters, and embody your Higher Self as a daily practice. 

Have you felt yourself dimming your light in an attempt to make others feel comfortable?

The Stargate 1 Curriculum provides a revolutionary approach for releasing the past, moving beyond self-sabotage, nurturing your spiritual awakening, and claiming the radiant light of your sovereign divinity. In other lifetimes, many of us have taken outdated vows to suffer for our mission. Now is the time to release those vows so that you fulfill your divine purpose by thriving in this lifetime. 

Kaia Ra is deeply moved to be with you LIVE this year. You’ll be journeying with our international community of Earth Angels to strengthen your Higher Self embodiment, which amplifies your ability to receive important upgrades from the Ascended Masters for thriving in 2020.


Your enrollment includes private access to our online forum for sharing your reflections throughout this exciting mentor journey with heart-centered members and curriculum support from our Team Angels!

Are you ready to be seen with your wings up, Angel?

The pivotal astrological shifts of 2020 no longer allow you to hide from who you really are as a living angel on Earth. The Silver Dragon Mentor Journey will amplify your direct mentorship relationships with the Ascended Masters and offer you the community support you deserve to embody your Higher Self and shine your angelic light.

Our Silver Dragon Mentor Journey
Begins March 4, 2020!

Your Silver Dragon Mentor Package Includes:

-  (8) LIVE Q&A Mentorship 2-Hour Classes with Kaia Ra

-  Access to 30+ classes in the Stargate 1 Curriculum

-  Divine Genome & Chakra Activations

-  Access to 15+ hours of Q&A Mentor recordings

-  Altar Building Instructions

-  Daily Practices for Mentoring with the Ascended Masters

-  Higher Self Activations & Quantum Healing Ceremonies

-  Private Class Online Forum 

-  NEW Ritual & Self-Mastery Activation Steps

-  BONUS March 19th Spring Equinox Ceremony

-  BONUS June 20th Summer Solstice Ceremony

-  Team Angel Member Support

-  Coupon for $111 OFF Sedona 2020 Leadership Conference

-  Coupon for 20% OFF (1) Keycode Pendant or Wristlette 

-  Priority Review for 2020 VIP Immersive Application

Exclusive Offer $777

($1100 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Payment Plans Available 

$111 per Month for 8 months

2020 LIVE Mentor Class Schedule

March 4 & 18 @ 10 AM PST

March 19 @ 2 PM PST — BONUS Spring Equinox Ceremony

April 8 & 22 @ 10 AM PST

May 6 & 20 @ 10 AM PST

June 10 & 17 @ 10 AM PST

June 20 @ 12 PM PST — BONUS Summer Solstice Ceremony


for Embodying Your Higher Self & Mentoring with the Ascended Masters

Are you ready to activate every Keycode within you?

Unveil the Divine Feminine mysteries with beloved Isis, “She of A Thousand Names”, for upleveling your self-worth, confidently claiming your divine purpose, and allowing yourself to be seen as a leader with your wings up.


Let go of painful attachments to suffer for your divine purpose as you integrate the crystalline light of your divinity with Green Tara, “She of a Thousand Stars”, to discover that it is safe to create your daily Heaven on Earth reality. 


Open your Higher Self’s angelic wings and deepen in your self-mastery practices with Mary Magdalene, “She of a Thousand Angels”, as she mentors you in how to be a revolutionary Wayshower for activating the sacred heart of humanity. 


Become grounded in your prayer as a living angel on Earth with White Buffalo Woman, “She of a Thousand White Clouds & Thunderbeings”, as you reclaim your ability to command miracles and fulfill your personal prophecies through Sophia Christ consciousness for the spiritual awakening of humanity.


Release unconscious fears about your unlimited divinity by tapping into your multidimensional creative potential with Hathor, “She of a Thousand Voices”, to birth an abundant, sovereign life through the power of your voice and Higher Self embodiment.


Mentor with Mother Mary, “She of a Thousand Roses”, as she blesses, guides, and supports you in how to follow your heart, fulfill your Higher Self’s destiny, and create a Legacy of Love in this important lifetime.


Integrate the unconscious universe of your ego structure with the loving and compassionate mentorship of Quan Yin, “She of a Thousand Waters”, to discover that your heroic human journey is absolutely essential to the alchemy of ascension. 


Enter the Dragon Heart Temple to download the multidimensional technology of your Higher Self’s Golden Dragon Light Body as you are mentored in how to live in your highest potential as a master with the holiest seraphim angelic order, The Sophia Dragons, “She Who Births Sovereign Creators”. 

Join the 2020 LIVE Mentor Calls with Kaia Ra!

Exclusive Offer $777



($1100 Course Price as of February 28, 2020)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $111 per Month for 8 months

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY  |  There are no refunds given for the sale cost of the Stargate 1 Curriculum materials. Partial refund requests for either Mentor Class Package must be received by March 31, 2020. Store credit only for transferring your enrollment cost to an event, alternative curriculum, Activation, or Keycode Initiation. Jewelry collection excluded from store credit.


Welcome Angel!

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