Kaia Ra is the international bestselling author of The Sophia Code, a Divine Feminine leader, and the Oracle for The Sophia Dragon Tribe, who was directly initiated by the Ascended Masters and Archangels since childhood. 


A highly respected, leading-edge voice, Kaia Ra guides a worldwide movement for humanity’s reconciliation with its innate sovereign divinity through the return of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. 


Kaia Ra is also a fine artist and designer who downloads angelic ascension technology through the vehicles of visual campaigns, jewelry, altar blueprints, sacred space design, and lifestyle products that help you embody Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.

She serves an international community by channeling The Sophia Code Mystery School curricula, hosting live and online conferences, offering mentor immersives, and providing a free monthly online gathering called The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective that she founded in 2015, all of which helps support The Sophia Code Foundation. The Sophia Code Foundation is a non-profit organization that holds the vision of creating a Divine Feminine temple celebrating The Sophia Code teachings, and establishing a Magdalene healing center for survivors of rape. 


As shared in the preface of The Sophia Code, Kaia Ra’s early life was consumed by surviving child rape trafficking, atrocities, near death experiences, and psychic exploitation. Through her direct relationship with the Ascended Masters, angelic orders, and the Star Nations, Kaia Ra survived by repeatedly returning to her body with ascension blueprints from the highest realms of creation that would one day serve The Sophia Code as a worldwide ministry. 


Today, her authentic personal recovery and professional offering guides the healing empowerment of countless survivors around the world and inspires leaders, teachers, and advocates working to end child rape trafficking. 

In her Divine Feminine teaching embodiment, Kaia Ra reveals that it is possible to heal all wounds and birth a new paradigm through The Sophia Code divine genome that equally exists within us all.





“My relationship with life forever changed

the day that I met The Sophia Dragon Tribe.”

The divine intervention of their daily unconditional love and ever-present resonance of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness has supported me to embody my own divine nature and human potential in ways that I never knew were possible.


As a born clairvoyant, stepping into the stunningly beautiful cosmology of Sophia opened my heart to accept that I can live ‘Heaven on Earth’ everyday by recognizing this reality already lives inside of me — eternally.

I had spiritually sought that direct revelation for most of my life, and it mysteriously and most wonderfully came to me the day that Sophia melted down my experience of physical reality to receive Her great commission and meet The Sophia Dragon Tribe. In my lifelong spiritual quest to attain that inner knowing of ‘Heaven on Earth’, I had wholeheartedly committed to many spiritual paths and devotedly trained in multiple lineages ranging from Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and indigenous ceremonial traditions. 

It was not until Sophia directly spoke to me, opening Her world of pure light for me to step into, that I finally felt at home and complete in my quest. Further, as a professional channel, I knew that I had finally met a High Council that I could partner with and never wonder if there was a higher calling for me. As soon as I met The Sophia Dragon Tribe, I gulped — I knew that I had met my co-creative match for a lifetime.

With that said, what I know after years of theological exploration is that

I am completely disinterested in creating another spiritual cosmos ‘to be right about.’

In other words, I have zero interest in offering another cosmology of God/Goddess identification that would be put above any other spiritual pathway, claiming that this is ‘the only way.’


My intention in revealing the visionary cosmology and direct revelations that I received for The Sophia Code is to birth a spiritual cosmology that resonates for me — and if its living transmission inspires others to claim their own magnificent sovereign divinity, then my personal blessing is infinitely multiplied. The Sophia Code is a living transmission and a sacred text that is here to assist you in whatever way resonates for your own courageous human journey – keep what is helpful for your heart, allow the rest to fall away.


This book is not for everyone, but those it is meant for have often called it their home too. Perhaps for anyone who may feel challenged as to why yet another spiritual cosmology has arisen from human consciousness, one could consider The Sophia Code as simply a love letter from the Source reminding us of how precious we are. For it seems we need as many love letters as we can receive in these days of great planetary change.

The Sophia Code will challenge many belief systems on a multitude of subjects, including reconsidering the highest order of Seraphim angels as crystalline dragon mothers

or hearing Mother Mary's honest human perspective on her public career.

We must remember that, not so long ago, we as a species were all convinced that the world was flat and that we were the only planet in the cosmos. In the not-so-distant past, some of us were even willing to die or kill others for those oppressive beliefs to be rigidly maintained.


Challenging our belief structures about what God/Source consciousness is and opening to the quantum reality of our multidimensional Multi-verse is a good thing. It’s an exercise in spiritual humbleness that keeps the innocence of our wonder for divinity fresh and vital.


In my spiritual quest, it was riveting for me that the light of Source spoke to me as a parthenogenetic Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, flanked by pearlescent ivory-scaled dragon angels and the most epic Ascended Master best friends that I could ever ask for. It’s a complete understatement to say that ‘God’ became way more interesting to me that day.

Sophia straight up shattered the wounded remnants of patriarchal religious conditioning that I endured in my youth — and would continue to do so for years to come as I channeled The Sophia Code Curriculum to become a vibrant modern Mystery School that now serves an ever-growing international community.


I find that the more I relax into the truth that I have every right to share this living transmission, the more that I relax into sharing its blessing with those who are asking for it. Sophia’s cosmology and Her loving messengers of sovereignty truly work for me, and over the past several years of sharing The Sophia Code with the world I have witnessed how much it works for others as well. So it is my deepest prayer for those who are touched by The Sophia Code that we may all walk in The Beauty Way prayer together — in peaceful dialogue and self-discovery stimulated by The Sophia Dragon Tribe.

This is not a cosmology for gurus, disciples, or worshipping something outside of ourselves.

It’s not a reward system to earn your way back to heaven. It is a lineage of the purest light that reflects the one sovereign divine light that we all are as the one body of Sophia Christ — for we already are the heaven of our innate divinity within the earth of our shared humanity.


May we respect, enjoy, and delight in both our similarities and differences of spiritual belief. May our courageous embodiments respect one another as the infinite, holy perspectives that all arise from the One Source. Our unique perspectives forever proclaim the unlimited wilderness of God consciousness that can never be contained but always remembered through direct communion.

With Grace & Respect,




In 2008, during a winter-long writing sabbatical on Mount Shasta, CA, Kaia Ra was consciously taken into the light of Sophia to meet with an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe.


This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented to Kaia Ra a great commission to write the word of their living transmission on sovereignty as a Divine Feminine Christ codex from Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life.


They announced that this codex would be Sophia’s love letter to humanity, which would broadcast worldwide through multiple books and media channels as The Sophia Code.

After years of secluded intensive training with the Ascended Masters, Kaia Ra publicly revealed The Sophia Code material in 2013 that she began to channel following this event in 2008. To prepare a first wave of Lightworkers to receive the codex on behalf of humanity, Kaia Ra began teaching classes, offering live events, and pre-released the Keycode Initiations from The Sophia Code cosmology prior to the book's publication.


In June 2016, the introductory volume of The Sophia Code was officially released, and within 4 days became an international bestseller on Amazon in three categories. It has remained an international bestseller ever since and in 2020 its first translation will be released in French

The Sophia Code is being internationally hailed as a ‘Divine Feminine bible for our times’. The codex reveals a revolutionary approach for resourcing your direct connection to the Source, activating your divine genome, embodying your Higher Self, and mentoring with the Ascended Masters for how to lead through Sophia Christ consciousness.




Resourcing your divinity is the most revolutionary act that you can commit.”

— The Sophia Dragon Tribe


In 2008, during a winter-long writing sabbatical on Mount Shasta, CA, Kaia Ra was consciously taken into the light of Sophia, the One Divine Mother Creatrix of All Life, to meet with an Ascended Master High Council called The Sophia Dragon Tribe. 


This luminous collective consciousness of Ascended Master teachers presented to Kaia Ra a great commission to write the word of their living transmission on sovereignty as a love letter to humanity from Sophia, Divine Feminine Christ consciousness, to be broadcast worldwide through multiple books and media channels as The Sophia Code. 


These exceptional Ascended Master mentors promised to offer spiritual mentorship and teachings in how to download, anchor, and integrate the Sophia Christ Light and correlated technology of your Higher Self’s divinity within the human body. 

The Sophia Dragon Tribe includes many beloved and recognizable figures from humanity’s rich fabric of secret Divine Feminine lineages, who are referred to as Keycodes in The Sophia Code cosmology. Each Keycode has lived countless exemplary lifetimes activating the sovereign divinity of populations on this planet, as well as others across the cosmos. 


These individual Keycode teachers create a master blueprint for activating the sovereign divinity of humanity through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness during this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. This Keycode master blueprint reveals the holy Seraphim Order known as The Sophia Dragons® and seven Divine Feminine Ascended Master mentors that include: Isis, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, and White Buffalo Woman.


It is the prayer of each Ascended Master in The Sophia Dragon Tribe to walk with you in equanimity, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart, as they guide you in how to embody the inheritance of your own sovereign divinity.



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