Receive the Grace of Sophia Embracing You in Unconditional Love

We are being called to embody a spiritual maturity that will allow for Sophia’s grace to flood this world. Our faith is essential for tending to the flame of humanity’s hope. In this life changing ceremony we plant the seeds of a new sovereign paradigm through the power of our heart-centered focus and collective prayer. 


You came here to be the radiant light of this world during humanity’s darkest hour and we get to embody this angelic mission together! In this powerful Sophia’s Grace Ceremony guided by the Ascended Masters you will receive Higher Self Activations that help anchor the resonance of Divine Mother’s unconditional love and Christ light into this world.

This activation will uplift your heart with radiant divine love and provide important clarity about your unique role as a living angel on Earth.

You’ll receive wisdom, guidance, quantum healing, and empowerments that will accelerate your spiritual path in 2020. These ceremonial activations will prepare you for your next-level service as an embodied Wayshower of sovereignty for awakening the heart of humanity.

Receive Sophia's Grace Activations for Only $33

Stay Centered in Your Sovereign Higher Self Embodiment

Walk through the temple gates of The Sophia Code® Mystery School to receive Sovereignty Activations from: Isis, Quan Yin, Green Tara, Mary Magdalene, and Joan of Arc.


You'll experience a rebirthing of your personal identity by reclaiming the crystalline resonance of your sovereign divinity to engage in your relationship with life in an entirely new way. You’ll also receive important insights on how creating solutions from the resonance of your sovereign creativity is the source of both your personal success and our collective awakening during these pivotal times of global crises.

No matter what is happening around you, you can be at "the right place at the right time" by embodying your sovereignty and mentoring with the Ascended Masters to thrive amidst the darkest of hours. These sovereignty activations will significantly upgrade the healthy spiritual boundaries of your whole be-ing, which supports you to navigate outward circumstances with the peace and discernment of Sophia Christ consciousness.

During this riveting ceremony, you will feel a deep cleansing of collective fear and anxiety and plant the seeds of a spiritual revolution for our bright future alongside your international family of light.

The Ascended Masters have asked us to birth and nurture a new sovereign paradigm of unconditional love and spiritual maturity to lead The Way. The time has come for each of us to be seen as Wayshowers planting the seeds of Faith, Hope, and Divine Love for our generation and the generations to come.


The Embody Your Sovereignty Activations provide the upgrades and support you need for your important role to thrive in this pivotal lifetime. These powerful and timely activations are now available for only $33!

Receive Embody your Sovereignty Activations for Only $33

The sophia dragons
Embody Your Important Divine Purpose During these Pivotal Times

Together we are facing our greatest challenges and growth edges on behalf of those who cannot or will not step into their light. This stark contrast is invoking you to remember that you came here to be a living angel on Earth in this lifetime, side-by-side with other Earth Angels who are also committed to activating the sovereign divinity of humanity. 


During this riveting ceremony with The Sophia Dragons, you will receive quantum healing and multidimensional divine purpose activations that anchor your Higher Self’s technology within your human body in profound new ways that shift you into the powerful “get to” growth edge of the next decade.

Get The Sophia Dragons "Divine Purpose" Activations for Only $33
Come Home to the Divinity of Your Humanity:
Activate All 8 of Your Major Chakras with Sophia Christ Consciousness

You and I are being called to embody our purest light, deepest wisdom, greatest love, and most aligned offerings at this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution. With such a great angelic mission at hand, it can often feel daunting for how to lead others beyond the limitations and wounding of humanity’s collective pain.


In The Sophia Code, we are taught that everything we need to birth a new paradigm beyond duality is given to us through the inheritance of our shared sovereign divinity. Your sovereign divinity is the same holy light, unconditional love, and sovereign creative power that comes from the Source, which we call Sophia.


Your direct connection to the divinity within you and your communion with Sophia’s limitless light can carry your angel wings and lift hearts all around you without getting caught in the minefields of duality. 

Did you know that there is a divine genome within you that anchors the light of your divinity within your human body? Can feel how important it is at this time to open your heart and directly connect with your own Sophia Source?


Your Higher Self, along with all of the Ascended Masters and angelic guides of The Sophia Dragon Tribe invite you to receive Sophia Activations and Blessings that will empower your direct connection to the Source.


You’re invited to a journey through all of your 8 major chakras to restore, bless, and amplify your direct connection to Sophia. In this coming home ceremony, you will receive quantum healing and empowerments from the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Code to upgrade the spiritual technology of your body, which supports your direct communion with Sophia.

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Activate Your Higher Self's Angelic Presence on Earth

In The Sophia Code, we meet Mary Magdalene and the Order of Magdalena as Ascended Master souls who have also walked this Earth with their wings high during the darkest times of humanity’s evolution.


Mary Magdalene is here to guide you in how to embody the fierce love of your Higher Self’s angelic ray of light. You and I came to Earth with an important mission, just as all the Magdalene Earth Angels who came before us to lead The Way.


This Earth Angel Global Summit with Mary Magdalene supports the accelerated integration of your Higher Self’s angelic light to experience greater ease and access to divine orchestrations for fulfilling your divine purpose.

In this beautiful ceremony, you will open up your wingspan, strengthen your Higher Self connection, and download angelic blessings to support your success all year long. It’s an honor to support you as a true living angel on Earth through the gift of this very special recorded Ceremony.

In this Wings Up! Activation You Will:

Receive Higher Self activations to anchor more of your divinity’s angelic ray on Earth

Get worthiness empowerments for accepting yourself as living, embodied angel

Align your body, heart, and mind to follow through on the important next-steps of your unique angelic mission with Blue-Flame Will Power Activations

Strengthen your angelic light bodies to protect you from psychic toxins, chemical warfare, and mind control agendas with Higher Self Activations.

Learn how the strength of your Higher Self’s angelic technology supports the health of your body and mind

Upgrade your Heart Chakra for embodying the Chalice Ray of Communication

Receive practical advice for flexing your angel wings to keep your heart open in all circumstances, with a strong backbone to stand in your truth and power

Pick up your angelic sword of personal mastery and spiritual maturity with Faith Activations from the Order of Magdalena and Joan of Arc

Get Your Wings Up! Activations for Only $33

Magdalene & vajrayogini transmission


Activate Your Voice to Reclaim Your Divine Inheritance
The Magdalene Activations Include:

Activate The Sophia Code divine genome within your DNA through an angelic transmission of your innate worthiness to lead in this pivotal lifetime

Liberate yourself from past life vows, oaths, and addictions to suffer for your divinity by receiving a diamond light Keycode 5: Mary Magdalene throat chakra activation

Learn why you are here to unconditionally love and accept the totality of your humanity as the perfect vehicle for your divinity’s light in this world

Reclaim your divine inheritance to command miracles through the power of our shared prayer to birth a new paradigm

Receive a Keycode 4: Mother Mary heart chakra activation to bless your unique calling as a Divine Feminine Christ Leader

Discover the irresistible invitations of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership and why mentoring with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters is a game-changer for this particular lifetime

Delight in the beautiful spirit of your Family of Light in Australia as we celebrate our rapidly growing international community

Experience the lightning wisdom Q&A session as Kaia Ra connects with Lightworkers just like you

Receive Magdalene Activations for Only $33

Receive Magdalene Activations for 

Embodying Sophia Christ Consciousness


“The Sydney Event hangs in my memory like a beautiful crystalline orb. My favorite moment was when we all stood and prayed together for rain to fall as a relief from the drought in Australia. After I drove home from the event and got out of the car, a soft and beautiful rain began to fall.

I still hold that magic in my heart.”

— Liz

Receive Magdalene Activations for Only $33

Opening Your Heart to Divine Feminine Leadership

Receive Sacred Flame Activations for Only $33

If you’re feeling a powerful heart-calling to be seen as a Divine Feminine leader … or you’ve been feeling an inexplicable inner drive to serve humanity's awakening but don’t know where this guidance is leading you … the Sacred Flame Activations with Mother Mary and Kaia Ra will deeply honor your heart’s prayer for stepping into Divine Feminine leadership. 

These Sacred Flame Activations are incredibly powerful downloads that ignite your divine purpose and bless your Higher Self embodiment to lead side-by-side with Mother Mary and the Ascended Masters.

The Sacred Flame Activations accelerate your divine purpose pathway with lightning speed.

From My Heart To Yours

"I’ve been serving as a Divine Feminine speaker, mentor, and channel for most of my life. I know how intimidating it may feel to fully commit to your path of Divine Feminine leadership. These activations honor honor your own unique Divine Feminine leadership style that’s daring you forward."


Higher self
embodiment activations


Activations for Reclaiming Your Divine Feminine Creative Power

Experience our opening ceremony for Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum in this activating audio replay for reconciling with your innate Divine Feminine creative power. This powerful ceremony is an invitation to explore a Divine Feminine creative approach for living your life in greater alignment with your Higher Self.

In these Activations from the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe you will release the past and open your heart to your intuitive power in the present moment.

Get Higher Self Activations for Only $33

Welcome Angel!

Your Journey Begins Here

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