PRIvate mentor session 


Thank you for your interest in a 1-Hour Private Mentor Session with Kaia Ra. Due to the international response to The Sophia Code® movement, it is not possible for Kaia Ra to schedule as many sessions as are requested while attending to the many needs of our Mystery School community and The Sophia Code Foundation®. The cost for booking a private mentor session with Kaia Ra is $1295. Inquiries from enrolled and graduate Initiates of The Sophia Code Mystery School Curriculums are given preference.


If you would like to proceed, please fill out this form and one of our Team Angels will follow up with scheduling a phone call to explore your intentions for a private session. Occasionally, it's identified that a private session is not the best fit for both parties. In this rare circumstance, we may suggest other services or opportunities that are in a higher alignment for your next steps of activation. 


To begin the booking process, please answer the following questions. Once we receive your information, please allow for 2-3 business days for our team to schedule your exploratory phone call

What are the initiatory steps that you have taken so far with The Sophia Code? (select all that apply)

Thank you so much for your submission. One of our Team Angels will reach out to you within 2-3 business days. Please be sure to place on your email account’s Safe Sender list to ensure that we can stay connected. We deeply value you, we respect your heroic human journey, and we truly appreciate your support of The Sophia Code movement. It’s an honor to serve the light of your soul!


With Every Blessing,


How did you hear about Kaia Ra and The Sophia Code?

How many times have you read through The Sophia Code?

Who (if any) are your overlighting Ascended Master mentors?

Please note that top priority is given to individuals who are active in our community and have completed at least  one of our  Mystery School curriculums. What Mystery School Offering have you completed?  If none, are you interested in learning more about these life changing curriculums?

What is your most important goal to address during your 1-hour session with Kaia Ra?

Are you currently practicing sobriety from any addictive substances or harmful codependency?

Do you participate in any plant medicine ceremonies? How often and what type?

Do any of your professional offerings include plant medicine or ceremonial medicine of any kind? And how so?

Do any of your offerings connect to sacred intimate sexuality? And how so?

Are you professionally leading or serving others in some capacity?

Are you receiving any professional support for your divine purpose or future ministry? For example, do you have a mentor, coach, therapist, healer, minister or additional support for living in your Higher Self embodiment? Please list your current support structures:

Are you able to pay for this offering either in full or through an empowerment payment plan?

Welcome Angel!

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