Administrative Assistant

Looking for an experienced, positive and detail-oriented Administrative Assistant who is able to work independently with self-driven initiative but also works well with a versatile, busy team. This candidate would have exceptional interpersonal skills and enjoy being a voice of the brand through email, text, phone, video conferencing, and in-person. This position requires an intimate knowledge of the brand for customer service and an outgoing, sincere, compassionate personality who is also willing to set strong boundaries with clients when necessary. Experience in customer service and sales is preferred. 

Daily Tasks May include:


  • Customer Service/Sales via email, text, phone, Zoom video conferencing, social media


  • Working with Tech VA to identify and resolve technical issues on the Website and Curriculum student platforms 


  • Wholesale book order processing


  • Communicating and following up on site content updates per team meetings and with website designer


  • Monitoring sales and updating report numbers from Shopify / Mailchimp / Social Media and data for weekly calls


  • Create, monitor, and update payment plans in PayPal & Shopify to support client enrollment


  • Creates and monitors important Waiver process for all live events and Educational Programs


  • Sorts and organizes company’s main email inbox


  • Schedules appointments for both the CEO and Team and verifies appointments / locations


  • Assist with the set-up and coordination of travel plans including hotel and rental car reservations for CEO & Team


  • Connect with CPA and legal team as needed for scheduling and documentation


  • Communicate with legal team as needed on copyright issues / paying retainers


  • Proofread contracts, emails, and official documents.  Attention to detail is very important.


  • Monitor and update company’s main Outlook calendar as needed


  • Schedule Zoom Conference calls as needed


  • Assists Social Media Manager as needed with monitoring company platforms


  • Assists with any and all delegated Asana tasks for project workflow


  • Assists Team in coordinating details for live and online events Event / Live 


  • Team Support for moderating and checking curriculum homework

  • Required Experience with: Mailchimp, Google Suite Apps Word and Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Shopify, Paypal

  • BONUS: Candidate has experience with CRM systems, Asana, and Kajabi

Copywriter / Marketing Assistant

Looking for an experienced, positive and professional Copywriter / Marketing Assistant who is able to work independently with self-driven initiative but also a team player as a part of a versatile, busy team. This candidate would have the exceptional ability to write in the author’s voice.  This would require a willingness to learn the voice, language, and and aesthetic of the author, book and brand. Content strategist and ghostwriting for email campaigns, social media ads, social media posts, and educational programs.

Daily Tasks May include:


  • Ability to write in the voice of an author

  • Creating ‘ladders’ of content for email campaigns in Mailchimp for regularly communicating to our audience / email list

  • Creating ‘ladders’ of content for ad campaigns and cross-promotions with other platforms

  • Support team members with creating written content for social media posts and ads

  • Candidate can draft emails that effectively capture reader’s attention and draw them in to read more

  • Visually detail-oriented and can identify font styles, brand colors, character kerning, paragraph line spacing, image placement to make an email not only read well but look good

  • Ahead of the industry curve by researching the latest trends in email campaigns in style, timing, and maximizing effective delivery.

  • Strategy and content building for building up author’s blog posts in conjunction with email campaigns

  • Required software experience: Google Docs, Microsoft Word, MailChimp, Outlook Calendar. Team is Mac oriented. 

  • BONUS: Experience with segmenting mail lists in Mailchimp or a CRM system; familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, and Asana. 

Social Media Support Angel

Looking for an experienced, positive and professional social media assistant who is able to work independently with self-driven initiative but also contributes to a versatile, busy team. This candidate would have exceptional interpersonal skills and enjoy being a representative of the brand on social media. This would require an intimate knowledge of The Sophia Code book and brand, as well as an outgoing, sincere, compassionate personality who is also willing to set strong boundaries when necessary and nurtures an educational environment. 


Must be able to navigate multiple tasks in a good way on any given day. 

Daily Tasks May include:


  • Answer emails and respond to client support requests through Twitter/ Facebook/ Instagram/ Youtube platforms

  • Respond to comments on multiple Facebook Forums and Author, book, and fan pages to increase community engagement and support ongoing sales campaigns 

  • Approve and welcome new members to Facebook Forums and IG Fan Pages 

  • Build platform numbers in Facebook Forum and Facebook/Instagram Fan Pages through consistent engagement 

  • Monitor comments and sales leads for all Facebook and Instagram Ads

  • Support in commenting/moderating for Zoom, Facebook and YouTube LIVE to support sales leads and protect the live feed from abusive behavior

  • Grow the IG platform through effective use of team strategies

Freelance Video Editing Support

The ideal candidate will have excellent video editing skills and a great aesthetic, be organized, familiar with navigating deadlines across multiple time zones, fluent in English (other languages a plus), and have an eye for detail. 

Video editing needs include, but are not limited to:


  • Taking recorded content from multiple camera-angles from live events and creating content from these recordings for the following platforms:

    • Video ads for Facebook, Google, and Instagram​

    • Video clip promotions for Youtube

    • Video promotions and clips for the brand website

    • Creating video products from live event footage

  • Post-production editing of recorded content from LIVE broadcasts on Facebook & Youtube. Removing content that is irrelevant, extraneous words, ums, breaths, or any content that dates the material which could prevent the content from being evergreen.

  • Creating / uploading clips to Facebook and Instagram that highlight a Youtube LIVE video immediately following the live broadcast

  • Curating new series for the IG Live and Facebook video library to remain consistent and up to date with all sales funnels

  • Possible support for video broadcasts at live events, classes, and FB / Youtube LIVE broadcasts

Freelance Graphic Design / Social Media Graphics

The ideal candidate will have excellent graphic design skills, a great aesthetic, and be able to match the brand aesthetic in their work.  The candidate will be organized, familiar working across many time zones, fluent in English (other languages a plus), and have an eye for detail.  She or he will work with the Visual Brand Manager and at times directly with the Author to achieve a graphic expression of the brand and the creative direction for new campaigns.  


The candidate will have an elegant and visionary aesthetic that can support and follow the established brand aesthetics while also contributing to the brand evolution. The ability to take creative direction and pivot at a moment’s notice is a must.  The candidate will have a positive, upbeat attitude, and be excited about the intricacies of the creative process. There will be a high demand for attention to detail, including spacing, layout, typography (font, kerning, line spacing), color usage, and graphic selection.  Self-direction and willingness to learn how to create from the established brand aesthetic as quickly as possible is highly valued for this position.

Daily Tasks May include:


  • Creating cohesive, complimentary graphics and memes for Facebook and Instagram that harmonize with the website for:

    • IG/FB posts 1-2 times daily

    • Pinterest posts

    • Video promotions and clips for the brand website

    • A video product for re-sale of the best parts of the event

  • Able to create a comprehensive bi-weekly IG layout strategy for pre-approval

  • Production of graphics for multiple dimensions / formats / platforms created from original campaign art direction assets 

  • Create graphic ladders for email campaigns, cross-platform promotions, podcasts, etc

  • Production: cropping and resizing images for thumbnails and target plates

  • Updating Brand Aesthetic guideline which will include information for brand approved fonts, kerning, line spacing, color palettes, imagery, aesthetic, mood-board

  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Word, Powerpoint, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest

  • Download and organize Shutterstock stock files to company dropbox library