Sophia's Grace Activations

Activate Your Direct Connection to the Source

Thursday| April 23, 2020 | 6:00 PM PDT


Sophia's Grace Activations

Thursday| April 23, 2020 | 6:00 PM PDT

Online Broadcast

We are being called to embody a spiritual maturity that will allow for Sophia’s grace to flood this world. Our faith is essential for tending to the flame of humanity’s hope. In this life changing ceremony we plant the seeds of a new sovereign paradigm through the power of our heart-centered focus and collective prayer.


You came here to be the radiant light of this world during humanity’s darkest hour and we get to embody this angelic mission together! In this powerful Sophia’s Grace Ceremony guided by the Ascended Masters you will receive Higher Self Activations that help anchor the resonance of Divine Mother’s unconditional love and Christ light into this world.


This activation will uplift your heart with radiant divine love and provide important clarity about your unique role as a living angel on Earth.


You’ll receive wisdom, guidance, quantum healing, and empowerments that will accelerate your spiritual path in 2020. These ceremonial activations will prepare you for your next-level service as an embodied Wayshower of sovereignty for awakening the heart of humanity.

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