KAIA RA LIVE on the Ascension Panel at Conscious Life Expo

Ascension 2020

KAIA RA LIVE on the Ascension Panel at Conscious Life Expo

Saturday | Feb 8, 2020 | 2:30 — 4:30 PM

Hilton Hotel LAX

Experience Kaia Ra Live at Conscious Life Expo! Meet Lightworkers from around the world embodying The Sophia Code teachings as you receive Higher Self activations for your divine purpose.

Presentation: Ascension 2020

Date: Saturday, February 8th

Time: 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM 

Where: LAX Hilton Hotel

Conference Room: Plaza Ballroom

Tickets with Day Pass: $10.00 In Advance

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Accessing and living in the 5th Dimension

How to prepare for the 2020 Ascension impact

The opportunity for personal Ascension experience continues to escalate while the planet and solar system also shift into an Ascended consciousness. Some of the signs point to the years 2020-2021 as a time of opening for personal Ascension as increasing Earth changes and astonishing upheavals in society have generated new ways of being to emerge and take root. Increasing psychic abilities, multidimensional realities, and the power of the heart through the Frequency of Love are defining the Ascension. Join our panel of Ascension experts for a lively discussion.

  • Understanding the personal Ascension Activation and Transfiguration process
  • The importance of uniting and balancing of the feminine/masculine energies
  • Understanding the transformation and activations of Soul DNA
  • The Solar symptoms – plasma solar waves altering geo-magnetic field
  • How the global and galactic evolutionary shifts and changes align with the personal Ascension

Accelerate your personal evolution during this powerful time of global awakening!

Our Panel of Ascension Experts will share their experiential and up-to-date knowledge of the complex Ascension process taking place on the planet now, revealing practical step-by-step instructions that you can apply in your daily life. Be open to awakening your hidden knowledge, activating ancient codes, and charging your energy field with Light Consciousness.



$10 in Advance | $15 at the Door | This workshop requires a Day Pass

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