Hawaii Healing Immersive Schedule

The Sophia Code 

Divine Feminine Healing Immersive

with Green Tara, Quan Yin, and Mother Mary


HAWAII  |  AUGUST 15th — 18th


You’re invited to three days of quantum healing in paradise with Kaia Ra, The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team, and The Sophia Code international community.


Relax into the living transmission expressed through ceremony, sound healing, movement, quantum healings, and divine guidance from Green Tara, Quan Yin, and Mother Mary.


This 3-Day Healing Immersive is designed to rejuvenate your soul as you deepen in your heart connection with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters.


The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Healing Immersive will be returning to the world renowned Mauna Kea Beach Hotel, located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world that is also sacred to the Hawaiian people. 

We experienced miracles of healing empowerment during last year’s gathering at the Mauna Kea, laying the foundation for this powerful 3-Day Immersive of crystalline quantum healing. In this interactive ceremonial space, you are encouraged to dive into an ocean of self-care, self-compassion, and self-love that is guided by the light of Sophia Christ.

Immerse Yourself in the Aloha of Healing

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Day One
— green tara —
“Interstellar Healing for Embodying Heaven on Earth”

Friday, August 16th, 10 - 5 PM

The Green Tara Initiation Sound Healing Consecration to move from the mind to your heart ~ Allow yourself to relax and receive ~ Surrender to the flow of the Healing Immersive

Emerald Ray Crystal Healing: Lifting the burden of karmic responsibilities and unconscious attachment to carrying the pain of others that is not your own

Your Relationship with the Earth ~ Vajrayana Healing for elemental re-balancing and foundational alignment of your first four chakras with the heart of Sophia Gaia ~ Animal Medicine Totems

Divine Feminine Healing Mentor Q&A ~ The lightning path of embodying your Higher Self in a modern world

Kundalini Sacral Chakra Dance of Prosperity with the Order of Dakinis ~ Activating your creativity for receiving greater abundance in every area of your life ~ Includes Golden Tara, Lakshmi & Saraswati

Climbing Your Tree of Life ~ Reconnect with your Star Family lineage ~ Divine Genome Activation: it’s safe to be different, it’s safe to be stellar!

Group Healing Small Circle Dialogue ~ Worthiness empowerments, Divine Feminine receptivity, and learning how to receive praise for your Higher Self embodiment

Becoming The Star within the Tree of Life Transmission ~ Rooting your Soul's brilliance to the Earth plane

Surrender to Heaven Within You

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Day Two
— Quan yin —
“Honoring Your Phoenix Child”

Saturday, August 17th, 10 - 5 PM

Solar Plexus Empowerment ~ Clear trauma from patriarchal wounding to open up and deepen in a healthy relationship with the Divine Masculine principle

Divine Interventions Mentor Healing Q&A ~ Navigating the unconscious uprising of your greatest wounds to access your greatest medicine

Quan Yin and Pleiadian Galactic Council Transmission for unifying Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Principles on all four levels of your embodiment

Dolphin Shamanic Clearing and Neurological Repatterning ~ Midwifing your Divine Parent to care for your Phoenix Child in a new way ~ Bridging the Divine Mother and Divine Father roles within you

Babaji quantum healing of patriarchal wounds, including the clearing of unconscious programming and ancestral karma to support and magnetize healthy relationships

Vase of Compassion Baptismal Ceremony ~ Anointing your Divine Feminine Christ consciousness with Lotus Flowers

Babaji Third Eye Anointment Blessing of Discernment to open your inner eyes and heart to be able to recognize and trust the true Divine Masculine Christ embodiment

Phoenix Child Empowerment Small Circle Dialogue ~ Your visions and dreams matter ~ Yes, you can hear the Angels! ~ Reconnecting with your “Imaginary” friends that we all know are REAL!

Let Go Into the Flow with Quan Yin

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Day Three
mother mary —
“Opening to the Stargate
of Your Heart”

Sunday, August 18th, 10 - 5 PM

Sophia Heart Womb Rebirth Ceremony ~ Zero-point calibration to seal the Immersive transmissions within you to re-enter the world as your sovereign self

Poliʻahu Quantum Heart and Umbilical Cord Healing of the wounded Mother archetype to clear trauma and unnecessary striving to earn your Divine Mother’s unconditional love

Small Group Work: Sisterhood / Brotherhood Healing ~ the end of competition for love ~ why you’re ready to rise together

Accepting the Thorns of Your Rose: Clearing oaths and vows that repress your personal truth so that your heart may clearly communicate what is meaningful for you — free of external conditioning

The Rose Ceremony ~ Reconcile with your authentic self-worth in the Temple of Sophia with Mother Mary guiding you to the true Source of your worth

Sapphire Blue Flame of Divine Will Activation for healing from codependency in every area of your life to embody your sovereignty with confidence and grace

Divine Intervention Healing Q&A ~ Moving beyond the trauma of codependency to blossom in your true beauty

Letting go of the thorns in your side: Mother Mary Pink Ray quantum healing to release your heart from the disappointments of the past and magnetize a new chapter of support in your life

Bask on the Shores of Sovereignty

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Registration Required Check-in —

Meet & Mingle with your International Community

Thursday, August 15th, 4:30–6:30 PM

Kona Boardroom at The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

Register for the Divine Feminine Healing Immersive at the Kona Boardroom of The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel to receive your name tag, conference schedule, and restaurant list. Please bring identification for check-in. Get to know our beautiful Team Angels and meet your new friends in The Sophia Code community!

Important Information for Event Attendance

PLEASE NOTE: Travel, lodging, and meals are not included.

The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Healing Immersive includes your event pass to all 3 days of this life-changing conference. Please Note: Travel, lodging, and meals are not included in your enrollment. Refunds are available until July 15, 2019. Following this date, refunds are store credit only, excluding jewelry sales.


We have a PDF of lodging suggestions and helpful travel tips that you can download HERE.


You can also connect with your international community of Initiates attending the Hawaii Immersive to discuss co-creative travel arrangements in The Sophia Code Official Community Forum HERE. Please remember to use your discernment and discretion when making travel arrangements with others.

PREREQUISITES: Although not required, we do highly encourage that you complete reading or listening to the audiobook of The Sophia Code at least once before attending the Divine Feminine Healing Immersive. Embodying all 8 Keycode Initiations from the book will support your in-person experience of the living transmission coming through Kaia Ra. Having access to the Stargate 1 materials of The Sophia Code Curriculum is also highly encouraged, but not mandatory for your attendance of this event.

We cherish the opportunity to support your soul’s light during this very potent year of collective transformation!

All Our Love and Mahalo,


The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team

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