Embody Your Sovereignty Jewelry Collection by Kaia Ra



Adorn yourself with hand carved dragon jewels inscribed with the living transmission of The Sophia Code, designed by Kaia Ra just for you! Each design is directly channeled from The Sophia Dragon Tribe to activate your divine genome and deepen your direct mentor relationship with the Keycode Ascended Masters and orders of angels. You deserve to be adorned, Angel!

The Sophia Code
embody your sovereignty jewelry collection

“It wasn’t until I actually put on a piece that I got to experience that this collection is not just jewelry! Each unique piece literally feels like its embodying that Ascended Master's Keycode activations from The Sophia Code. It’s incredible. You can invest in this jewelry collection knowing that it will support you, uplift you, protect you, and initiate you into your deepest calling and truest self.”

— Lillie


Our beautiful jewelry line is distributed through Bejeweled in Sovereignty, LLC, a company founded and owned by Kaia Ra, LLC. Thank you for your understanding that store credit for purchases from Kaia Ra, LLC cannot be used for jewelry purchases. The Embody Your Sovereignty® Collection is protected by internationally held trademarks and we thank you for honoring this creative offering with your loving respect.