Downloadable MP3 Files | Please note: while this Keycode Initiation series is also recorded within the The Sophia Code Audiobook, these MP3 recordings provide much easier access for playing this content on multiple media player platforms.

The 8 Keycode Initiations from Section 2 of The Sophia Code book are recorded in Kaia Ra’s voice as guided meditations that support your direct connection with the Ascended Masters. These recordings provide multidimensional teachings and a rich visual landscape for beginning your journey into The Sophia Code cosmology. 


Every Initiation will focus your awareness upon the light of your Higher Self. This sustained focus will help you integrate the divine qualities of your soul uplifting and expanding your daily human journey. You’ll also be guided in how to release unconscious belief systems with the sovereign resonance of empowering mantras and prayers that support your greatest success. This exceptional series also prepares your heart for stepping into leadership for the Divine Feminine movement sweeping the planet now. 

Activate Your Divine Genome with

“I invite you to fly with me into the vista of your own sovereign divinity.”
— Isis, The Sophia Code, Pg. 68


In the Keycode 1 initiatory journey: “Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of Your Humanity” you’ll be guided by Ascended Master Isis to explore the radiance of your soul’s sovereign divine light. You’ll release past life vows and old beliefs systems that may be holding you back in this lifetime. Activates your root chakra as a foundational inner temple for embodying your true worth. Inspires your Higher Self embodiment with channeled mantras for activating the Tree of Life chakra system within you. You’ll love meeting winged Isis within her pyramid of light!

“Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of Your Humanity”


In the Keycode 2 initiatory journey: “Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality” you’ll be guided by Ascended Master Hathor as a radiant Divine Feminine mentor for activating the power of your voice, embodying your intuition, and discovering the unlimited abilities of your multidimensional self. You’ll explore the creative magnetism of your words and the quantum universe of your divine genome as Hathor guides you to release limiting belief systems about your miraculous human potential. 

“Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality”
“I am here to guide you in how your body is the ultimate vehicle for communing in electro-ecstatic bliss with your multidimensional self.”
— Hathor, The Sophia Code
“I speak of enlightenment lightly, for too much has been made about a pure state that has never left you”
— Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 131


In the Keycode 3 initiatory journey: “It Is Safe to Create Your Heaven on Earth” you will open your inner spiritual pathways for receiving information directly from the Source. Explore the resonance of Green Tara’s healing mantra: Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha activating your solar plexus chakra to embody greater self-worth. Release unconscious attachments to suffering and embrace the sovereign wholeness of your Higher Self. Invoke the many liberating divine qualities of Tara within you for creating a heavenly reality in your daily life.

“It Is Safe to Create Your Heaven on Earth”


Open the rose of your heart chakra in the Keycode 4 initiatory journey: “Destiny Is a Promise You Made to Yourself”. In this visionary guided meditation, you will meet Mother Mary as a loving mentor, friend, and spiritual guide. Receive her messages for releasing past wounding so that you may fulfill your destiny in this lifetime. You’ll explore the divine qualities of your soul, activate your direct connection to the Source, and discover the many creative ways that your Higher Self is always guiding you.

“Destiny Is a Promise You Made to Yourself”
“It is safe to follow the voice of your heart. Come sit with me often in the garden of my innumerable roses.”
— Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 179
“My oracular transmission awakens you as a vehicle of awakening for others
— Mary Magdalene, The Sophia Code, Pg. 190


In the Keycode 5 initiatory journey: “Accessing Your Inner Angels of Self-Mastery” you’ll discover nine angelic attributes of your Higher Self. In this guided meditation with Mary Magdalene, you’ll receive important insights and spiritual healing for embodying divine love instead of fear in every present moment. Unfurl your angel wings, activate your throat chakra and connect with your divine purpose in this lifetime.

“Accessing Your Inner Angels of Self-Mastery”


In the Keycode 6 initiatory journey: “Soothe Your Awakening with Self-Compassion” you’ll meet radiant Quan Yin as an essential spiritual guide for healing past wounds and embodying the wholeness of your divinity. In this visionary guided meditation you’ll connect with your Inner Child and remember the gift of your invincible innocence. Experience how to receive more self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance into your life.

“Soothe Your Awakening with Self-Compassion”
“When you practice holding yourself with great tenderness, you eventually become whole in your relationship with yourself. You trust yourself.
— Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 232
“Do not be afraid of fulfilling the prophecies for which you were born. My peace is with you.
— White Buffalo Woman, The Sophia Code, Pg. 299


In the Keycode 7 initiatory journey: “Prayer as an Act of Self-Realization” you will meet White Buffalo Woman for how to receive miracles through the vision, prayers, and intentions of your Higher Self. Activates your crown chakra connection to the Source, opens your throat chakra for authentic expression, and blesses your heart chakra with courage for fulfilling your divine purpose.

“Prayer as an Act of Self-Realization”

In the Keycode 777 initiatory journey you’ll activate the divine qualities of spiritual maturity with Sophia’s angelic order of Seraphim: The Sophia Dragons. This visionary guided meditation harmonizes your body’s 8-major chakra system with the spiritual power of your Higher Self. You’ll experience healing energy across all of your lifetimes as you receive the Seraphim’s many sacred flame activations. This initiation attunes you to the sovereign resonance of your Higher Self for creating great change in our world.

“Anchoring Your Golden Dragon Light Body at the Sacred Heart”



“Resourcing your sovereign divinity is the most revolutionary act that you can commit
— The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 300
The Sophia Code  Keycode initiations



If I’m listening to the Keycode Initiations for the first time should I listen to them in order?

The Keycode Initiations were designed to build upon one another in sequential order, and it is recommended that you read or listen to them in this way for the first time. However, once you have journeyed through all 8 Initiations you may return to any of them, in any order, to receive next-level downloads from their activations.

Is it possible to mess anything up when listening to the Keycode Initiations?

No. Relax into listening and receiving the living transmission that is here to support your spiritual awakening with grace. Your Higher Self is guiding you in what you are ready to receive from these recordings. “The Sophia Code is my living transmission for revealing the master within you to your own consciousness. It creates a quantum space for you to witness your free will commanding the activation and embodiment of your own divine genome. Your awareness doesn’t have to understand how or why this living transmission is awakening your DNA to receive its downloads.” —Sophia, The Sophia Code, Pg. 8

How fast can I go through The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations®?

These are powerful recordings that inspire deep personal transformation. We always suggest invoking your own Higher Self’s guidance for how to pace yourself with these recordings. There is no need to rush, everything is unfolding with divine timing as you feel led to work with the Keycode Initiations. Creating time to appreciate what’s positively shifting for you throughout this journey supports your spiritual integration. “As in any arc of educational growth, cycles of integration are essential for taking in new information, releasing old belief systems, and adjusting to live at the edge of your capacity for accelerated personal transformation.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. xxii