Your Journey of Initiations with
THE divine feminine keycode mentors

Make quantum leaps in your personal growth that are easy to integrate

Nurture your own ability to receive divine guidance from your Higher Self

Initiate your daily commitment to embody your Higher Self

Activate The Sophia Code crystalline chromosomes within you

Harmonizes your human awareness to be guided by your Higher Self



ISIS initiation
“Accepting the Sovereign Divinity of Your Humanity”

Meet Isis as a powerful mentor and guide for embodying your sovereignty, upleveling your self-worth,  and living a blessed life 

Clear religious oaths, outdated vows, and self-sabotaging belief systems from the Akashic Records of all your lifetimes to embody your sovereign creative freedom in this lifetime

Activate the 13 centers of the Tree of Life within you to vocally reinstate your divinity as a sovereign creator of your Heaven on Earth reality

Download the divine qualities of self-confidence, self-respect, and self-honor from the Keycode 1 crystalline chromosome to operate your carbon-based DNA

The worthiness activations of the Keycode 1 Initiation opens your heart to fully receive Hathor’s Keycode 2 Initiation upgrading every cell of your body

“I invite you to fly with me into the vista of your own sovereign divinity.”
— Isis, The Sophia Code, Pg. 68


HATHOR initiation
“Your Voice as an Omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality”

Meet Hathor as an extraordinary mentor, friend, and guide for consciously birthing a new paradigm reality through the power of your voice

Clear attachments to localized human awareness so that you can access the true multidimensional reality of your unlimited divinity

Overhaul the four main building blocks of your carbon-based DNA to be operated by the crystalline motherboard of your own divine genome

Download the Keycode 2 crystalline qualities of divine knowing, divine seeing, divine speech, and divine communion to activate your psychic centers as a birther of a new paradigm

The angelic activations of the Keycode 2 Initiation prepares your sacral chakra to birth your heaven on earth reality in the Keycode 3 Initiation with Green Tara

“I am here to guide you in how your body is the ultimate vehicle for communing in electro-ecstatic bliss with your multidimensional self.”

—Hathor, The Sophia Code



Green Tara initiation
“It Is Safe to Create Your Heaven on Earth”

Meet Green Tara as a mentor, friend, and guide for embodying the Liberator of your Higher Self to live in peace and prosperity

Clear and strengthen both the ascending and descending kundalini pathways from all attachments to suffering so that your own Holy Spirit may flow freely within you

Reinstate the totality of your ability to prosper on Earth with a new paradigm Divine Feminine canon from the 21 Emanations of Tara

Download the divine qualities of luminous self-knowing, Dakini lightning wisdom, and radiant self-liberation from the Keycode 3 crystalline chromosome to operate your carbon-based DNA

The sound healing activations of Green Tara’s mantra opens your heart to fully receive Mother Mary’s Keycode 4 Initiation for fulfilling your destiny

“I speak of enlightenment lightly, for too much has been made about a pure state that has never left you.”

— Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 131



Mother mary initiation
“Destiny Is a Promise You Made to Yourself”

Meet Mother Mary as your loving mentor, friend, and guide for fulfilling your divine purpose and following the voice of your heart

Clear outdated religious doctrine, oaths, and vows, and that would prevent you from mentoring with Mother Mary eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart

Journey into the holy architecture of your own Oversoul to accept the miracle of your Higher Self manifesting your divinity through your humanity

Download the blueprint for receiving daily guidance from your Higher Self speaking as the “Great Counselor” within you

The Keycode 4 Higher Self activations for receiving clear inner guidance are essential for embodying the angelic self-mastery of Keycode 5

“It is safe to follow the voice of your heart. Come sit with me often in the garden of my innumerable roses.”

— Mother Mary, The Sophia Code, Pg. 179


mary Magdalene
“Accessing Your Inner Angels of Self-Mastery”

Meet Mary Magdalene as a powerful and accessible Divine Feminine Christ mentor for embodying your Higher Self as a wayshower for others

Receive Mary Magdalene's diamond light clearing out painful confusion, self-sabotage, and unknown resistances to being a living angel on Earth

Activate the Divine Feminine blueprint for embodying divine love instead of fear in every present moment with the 9 inner angels of self-mastery

Baptize your awareness with Mary Magdalene’s paradigm-shifting ceremony for integrating your angelic DNA within your human form

Accessing your angelic wings in the Keycode 5 Initiation opens your heart to become a compassionate guide in the Keycode 6 Initiation

“My oracular transmission awakens you as a vehicle of awakening for others.”

— Mary Magdalene, The Sophia Code, Pg. 190



Quan Yin initiation
“Soothe Your Awakening with Self-Compassion”

Meet Quan Yin as a powerful mentor, friend, and guide for embodying the self-compassion that is essential for your heroic human journey

Clear self-judgment, shame, unresolved wounds, challenging memories, and defensive coping strategies that keep you from your own self-love

Activate Keycode 444: The Phoenix Child within you, who is the invincible embodiment of your innocence that was never harmed in your suffering

The self-love and self-compassion activations of the Keycode 6 Initiation build your self-esteem to accept that you are a commander of miracles with White Buffalo Woman in Keycode 7

Remember how to unconditionally channel the quantum healing light of karuna compassion for yourself and others within all circumstances

“When you practice holding yourself with great tenderness, you eventually become whole in your relationship with yourself. You trust yourself.”

— Quan Yin, The Sophia Code, Pg. 232



White buffalo woman initiation
“Prayer as an Act of Self-Realization”

Meet White Buffalo Woman as a Divine Feminine Christ teacher for embodying your Higher Self’s capacity to command miracles

Clear from your ancestral DNA a multitude of painful belief systems and unconsciously held wounds passed down for generations

Activate your direct communion with Sophia and your divine right to use declarations, prayer, meditation, and visualization for commanding divine will and order to reign on Earth

Download your Higher Self’s Living Chanunpah technology which aligns and prepares your womb (sacral chakra), heart, and voice (throat chakra) as an essential trinity of oracular centers for becoming a Divine Feminine Christ leader

Embracing your miraculous power and accepting the responsibility of embodying your divinity for the highest good of all prepares you to receive The Golden Dragon Light Body of Keycode 777

“Do not be afraid of fulfilling the prophecies for which you were born. My peace is with you.”

— White Buffalo Woman, The Sophia Code, Pg. 299


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