stargate 1 Curriculum


In the Stargate 1 Curriculum you will receive life changing teachings for how to embody your Higher Self and mentor with the Ascended Masters.

Step through Stargate 1 to Embody Your Higher Self

Go deeper with The Sophia Code teachings on this riveting mentorship journey with The Sophia Dragon Tribe® and Kaia Ra. You’ll receive powerful activations and important tools for how to embody your Higher Self as a daily practice in this authentic modern Mystery School curriculum.


Learn how to create life changing mentor relationships with the Divine Feminine Ascended Masters for living in your highest potential every day. The Stargate 1 Curriculum provides a revolutionary approach for releasing the past, moving beyond self-sabotage, nurturing your spiritual awakening, and claiming the radiant light of your sovereign divinity.

Stargate 1 Curriculum Includes:

Over 30 Audio and Video classes with Kaia Ra

Quantum Activations with the Ascended Masters

Online Community Forum

Divine Genome Activations

15+ hours of Q&A Mentorship Recordings

Self-Mastery Activation Steps

70+ hours of Curriculum material

Altar Building Instructions

stargate 2 Curriculum


The Stargate 2 Curriculum is a Mystery School blueprint for embodying your divine purpose and unique professional offering.

Revealing the Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership

Candidly addressing how to navigate both the underbelly and success of spiritual leadership, the Stargate 2 Curriculum is designed for you to overcome your fears and resistances about leading The Way through Sophia Christ consciousness. Drawing from a lifetime of dedicated oracular activism, Kaia Ra reveals life changing elegant equations and a trinity of interdependent archetypes that are essential for understanding the inner journey of becoming a successful leader.


Discover how the embodied journey of Divine Feminine Christ leadership is actually a sophisticated team effort in which the constant flow of your own intuition seamlessly works together with the guidance of your Ascended Master mentors. Receive important insight and practices for integrating the accelerated personal growth that naturally occurs along the lightning path of your most authentic professional offering . The Stargate 2 Curriculum provides an entirely new body of teachings from Kaia Ra that are designed to activate the fulfillment of your destiny to awaken the heart of humanity.

Stargate 2 Curriculum Includes:

First access to modules from Kaia Ra’s NEW book

Ceremonial Activations & Channeling Protocols

4 Bonus Q&A Mentorship Recordings

50 hours of audio and video curriculum content

Self-Mastery Activation Steps

Online Community Forum

Sophia Circle leadership


—  Registration Now Open for August 2020  —
Facilitate Life Changing Journeys through The Sophia Code

In your mentorship with the Ascended Masters, have you thought about sharing The Sophia Code in a bigger way? The  Sophia Circle Leadership Certification program provides a clear and organized pathway for leading others through every chapter of the codex teachings. Downloaded as a powerful blueprint of facilitation from The Sophia Dragon Tribe, this program walks you through every step of leading successful, professional Sophia Circle Journeys. Receive the mentorship, teaching resources, and marketing tools that you deserve for offering in-person and online journeys that will profoundly activate your clients, community, and our world.

Sophia Circle Leadership Program Includes:

(5) LIVE Mentorship Q&A Class Calls

(8) Pre-Recorded Video Facilitator Training Classes

(9) BONUS Keycode Video Transmissions

Private Members Online Forum & Email Support

Access to the Stargate 1 Curriculum

Self-Mastery Activation Steps

BONUS Training for Virtual Circles

Online Graduation Ceremony

Schedule a free Team Angel call to explore if Sophia Circle leadership is right for you.
private mentor sessions

with  KAIA RA

Lightning Mentorship for Your Professional Offering

Expanding into your next-level success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances. A private session with Kaia Ra illuminates the root of your deepest fears with practical, compassionate, and direct mentorship that invokes your greatest light. Your time with Kaia Ra provides a concentrated, white hot hour of lightning downloads and integrative mentorship with the Ascended Masters for accelerating your self-mastery journey on every level of your being. 


These life changing sessions are an alchemy of candid mentorship, channeled next-steps, spiritual counseling, and quantum healing — all of which is entirely directed by your own Higher Self in communion with The Sophia Dragon Tribe. 

Prerequisite: Applications for Private Mentor Sessions are reserved for Initiates of The Sophia Code Mystery School who have completed the Stargate 1 & 2 Curriculums.
“Be fluid enough to follow Sophia’s currents of divine love that want to move you beyond small ideas about yourself. Her waters are guiding you to the shores of sovereignty.”
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