The Medicine of Appreciation

“Every Ascended Master – both known and unknown to our awareness in the High Council of The Sophia Dragon Tribe – is celebrating you! I invite you to welcome and receive this much love and appreciation from your mentors.

May every cell of your body receive this golden resonance of their appreciation rolling through you and uplifting the angelic wings of your heart today.

Your commitment and willingness are truly seen in this moment. Allowing yourself to be witnessed and applauded by your mentors creates a cellular-soul resonance for your continued success. It’s okay to enjoy their acknowledgement! It’s okay to allow their unconditional divine love and ever-present support to nourish you.

We’re here to celebrate each other’s success. There’s no one better to learn about unconditional appreciation than from these specific Ascended Masters — they don’t want or need anything from you – their love for you is simple and clear.

Appreciation is an expansive principle in the Divine Feminine approach to life. It’s also a cure for jealousy and competition.

If you’ve ever wondered: How do I stop feeling jealous or competitive with other people? Appreciate them. Acknowledge them. Lift them up. Get a little crazy with it.

Go overboard with appreciation, just because you can – it’s a medicine that will always work on your own heart first. You’ll surprise yourself by how much love and freedom that you start to feel for everyone through the buoyancy of your own appreciative spirit.

Remember to acknowledge yourself as you appreciate yourself and others in new ways. As you only focus upon the energy of appreciation uplifting yourself and others – you’ll be too busy as a blesser to let jealousy or competition have its way with you.

This self-mastery practice aligns you to live in harmonious co-creation with the Ascended Masters who are always caring for us through the resonance of their own appreciation.”

—Kaia Ra, Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum

The Stargate 1 Curriculum is a dynamic 30+ class series that walks you through every chapter of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra as your guide. This phenomenal self-study course provides Higher Self activations and foundational mentorship with the Ascended Masters for consciously embodying your sovereign divinity in every area of your life. You can learn more about the Stargate 1 Curriculum journey HERE.

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