Magdalene Focused Intuition

“When I would offer teachings or healing empowerments, a great momentum of Sophia’s Holy Spirit would descend through me and Her immaculate Shekinah light would overflow from the chalice of my heart. Women would often lay down to rest their weary souls around me, drinking deeply from the overflowing Holy Spirit transmission pouring through me. I was ‘wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove,’ as I carefully listened to and followed my Higher Self’s constant instruction on which divine qualities of my Keycode transmission that I was to embody in each present moment."
—The Sophia Code, Pg. 199

In this passage we are witnessing how the full circuit of your Higher Self’s light can flow through you and into our world as a perfect intelligence that can also support and uplift others in miraculous way. As Mary Magdalene set her intention to be of service for the highest good of all, she would be filled with the Sophia Christ light of her own Higher Self. As that light flowed through her and radiated from her, it would have a profound effect on the well-being and consciousness of the people that magnetically gathered around her. It would have been easy for Mary Magdalene to become distracted by how profoundly effected those people were who came to see her. Yet, Mary was a living master of the highest order, she always chose to give the glory of her miraculous healing powers back to the Source of Sophia God. She was ever faithful to continuously listening within so that she would remain in constant alignment with the most powerful next step in every present moment, without being distracted by the highs and lows of the people that she served. When you first begin to practice embodying the power, presence, goodness, and divine consciousness of your Higher Self, you can become distracted by how others may respond to what’s coming through you. We learn from Mary Magdalene in The Sophia Code, that embodying your Higher Self will completely transform your human experience with life. Not everyone will understand or appreciate that, nor are they required to. Your journey of self mastery is always between you and Sophia God. It is essential to keep your eyes fixed upon the flame of your inner divine communion. This flame will keep you both humble and empowered at the same so that you may always respond to life from a genuine space of inner guidance, just as Mary Magdalene did in her extraordinary example. How are you ready to allow the light, power, and presence of your Higher Self to download more clearly into your awareness, body, heart, and mind? How are you ready to let go of controlling what others think about that sovereign light flowing through you? What is one commitment you can make today to honor the divinity of your soul having a human experience in a new way? Is there a harmful habit, belief, or relationship that you’ve previously allowed to distract you from discovering more of your true self?


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