The Holy Seraphim of Sophia

The Sophia Dragons® as featured in The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations®

"We are The Sophia Dragons®, a lineage within the highest angelic order known as the seraphim. We attend to the throne of Sophia’s light arising from Her black womb of no-thing, from which all of creation is immaculately conceived.”

"Our Sophia embodiment title is “She Who Births Sovereign Creators,” for Sophia designed our angelic DNA in her likeness, as a blueprint for birthing sovereign beings and creations.”

"Our pearlescent white scaled dragon embodiment is the most recognizable crystalline form of The Sophia Dragon® lineage.”

"Gazing into every dimension of your soul, our omniscient eyes proclaim your sovereignty unto the ends of creation. We have four sets of feathered white wings that continually appear and dissolve from your sight in figure eight flight patterns. When you look closely, you will see a bejeweled eye within each of our scales, flashing with lightning, that sings: “Holy! Holy! Holy! Sophia is all there is!”

"We are the fire and light of Sophia, breathing the Breath of Life upon you with the stardust of your own Holy Spirit.”

—The Sophia Dragons®, The Sophia Code®, Page 301-2

In Chapter 13 of The Sophia Code®, we meet an unexpected embodiment of the seraphim angelic order called The Sophia Dragons®.

Declaring their Sophia embodiment title as "She Who Births Sovereign Creators”, The Sophia Dragons® appear in this cosmology as some of the highest ascended teachers available for mentoring us in how to actually embody our sovereign divine nature within human form.

In The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Initiations®, we experience The Sophia Dragons® activating our awareness and spiritual light body technologies to recognize our personal and collective capacity for co-birthing a new paradigm. The guide our awareness in how to expand in the practice of embodying our Higher Self and Sophia Christ consciousness amidst so many ongoing global crises.

In their Keycode 777 Initiation, The Sophia Dragons® remind us of our important shared mission as Earth Angel Lightworkers, declaring that:

"You did not travel all this way to play small. You came here to be the holy fire and light of Sophia. You came to move as one Golden Dragon of Sophia Christ consciousness upon the Earth, birthing heavenly sovereign realities with your Family of Light.”

—The Sophia Dragons, The Sophia Code, Pg. 313

In the Embody Your Sovereignty® Jewelry Collection, Kaia Ra designed a Keycode 777 Wristlette cuff to help you deepen in your personal mentor relationship with The Sophia Dragons®.

Hand carved and delicately hammered to appear as the rippling waters of Sophia, the Keycode 777 Wristlette is a stunning cuff engraved with mantra empowerments from The Sophia Dragons® teachings, including: “Immaculate Heart Womb” and "I Came Here to Be the Holy Fire and Light of Sophia”.

As you wear the Keycode 777 Wristlette, you are receiving the living transmission of these empowerments activating your body, heart, and mind for deepening in your Higher Self embodiment. This elegant angelic ascension technology is now available in solid brass or sterling silver.

All Our Love,

The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team

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