Softening Your Edges

“Quan Yin is such an essential mentor for our generation of lightworkers — and for all of humanity. Her power is often underestimated but she is truly a pure beacon of light and fierce compassion for all.

As we discover in The Sophia Code, Quan Yin’s strength was forged through her gut-wrenching commitment to fully and deeply embrace the totality of her heroic human journey.

Quan Yin discovered that acknowledging and becoming fully present with her grief, pain, and outrage allowed for her to actually move all the way through these feelings and heal her deepest wounds.

Her resilient determination to feel all of her feelings as the emotionally intelligent medicine for her wounds created a foundational blueprint of Divine Feminine quantum healing that we can enormously benefit from today. Quan Yin's exceptional water path teachings soften all hard edges that we deem unforgivable.

When you choose to embody your Higher Self the way that Quan Yin chose to embody her Higher Self, it is the gift that keeps on giving to you. You can have all of your human feelings and still be divine. Your feelings are not something to be ashamed of — your feeling are the roadmap to healing your soul and remembering your innate wholeness.

Quan Yin’s courageous determination and commitment to authentically love herself through and beyond her traumatic journey by embodying her Higher Self is what led her to become the embodied vehicle of compassion that we know today.

She didn't skip any steps in her heroic journey and neither can we. It's important to remember that you are on the same journey that Quan Yin walked — in every way.

You have the same opportunity to become fully present with your own wounding by applying this medicine of self-love and self-compassion through the divinely guided actions of your Higher Self embodiment.

As Quan Yin teaches us in Chapter 11, softening to yourself as the poignant hero of your own journey, is essential for learning how to authentically embody Divine Feminine Christ consciousness for others. You can't give to others what you refuse to give yourself.”

—Kaia Ra, Stargate 1 of The Sophia Code Curriculum

The Stargate 1 Curriculum is a dynamic 30+ class series that walks you through every chapter of The Sophia Code with Kaia Ra as your guide. This phenomenal self-study course provides Higher Self activations and foundational mentorship with the Ascended Masters for consciously embodying your sovereign divinity in every area of your life. You can learn more about the Stargate 1 Curriculum journey HERE.

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