Green Tara Medallion

The Green Tara Skydancer Medallion Designed by Kaia Ra

“Crowned with bejeweled starlight, Green Tara is Keycode 3: “She of a Thousand Stars” in The Sophia Code cosmology. She is a Divine Feminine Ascended Master teacher for planetary ascension studies, the path of liberation from all suffering, the yoga of meditation, and embodying heavenly prosperity on Earth.

True to the Vajrayana lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion is an exquisite hand carved medallion that serves as a spiritual vehicle for your awareness to receive direct downloads of the Keycode 3 transmission — beyond thought or understanding.

Featured on the front with amazing detail is the ‘Vishvavajra’, also known as the ‘Double Dorje’ or the ‘Vajra Cross’. This most sacred and powerful symbol represents many essential qualities that are required to embody your Higher Self and fully step into Divine Feminine Christ leadership.

Known as a symbol for both the thunderous lightning and diamond vehicle of Holy Mother Creatrix consciousness, the Vajra Cross is the symbol for liberating yourself from all attachments to suffering.

Wearing the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion activates the essential divine qualities of your solar plexus chakra that include willpower, inner strength, and courage for making a lasting contribution in this lifetime.

As you hold the pendant with your index finger and thumb pressing into the center of the Vishvavajra, the medallion is encoded to bypass anxious, fearful thinking — guiding your mind back into the musculature of your own center.

A true compass for overcoming self-defeating thoughts, the Vajra Cross is a guiding star for navigating your awareness back to the shores of your sovereignty, again and again.

The Green Tara Skydancer Medallion was designed as ascension technology that supports your sobriety from needlessly suffering for your divinity while teaching you how to simultaneously skydance into unlimited new paradigms of success.

I personally rely on this medallion when completing significant projects in my life that require faith, stamina, focus, and new creative content."

—Kaia Ra

Kaia Ra channeled every design from the Embody Your Sovereignty Collection to activate your divine genome and deepen your direct mentor relationship with the Keycode Ascended Masters and orders of angels in The Sophia Code cosmology. You can read more about the Keycode 3 Dakini depths hand carved into the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion in solid brass or sterling silver

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