Reflections from Mauna Kea

Over the past several years I have surrendered into a deep heart relationship with the Aloha spirit of Hawai'i.

I travel there often to work with healers that are helping my body recover from what I survived.

On my most recent visit to prepare for our upcoming Divine Feminine Healing Immersive, I had the opportunity to speak with local Hawaiian families and front line activists of the Mauna Kea movement.

For those of you who are new to what's happening at Mauna Kea, there is a state sanctioned corporate project to build yet another telescope at the top of the mountain — the size of six football fields — which could place the entire island in danger due to how deep the drilling will go into a latent volcano.

State and national news sources are not reporting on this environmental danger, but it is spoken about by the Mauna Kea Protectors in local hearings on the Big Island.

Further, over the past several years indigenous access to the top of the mountain has been deliberately and increasingly cut-off and highly restricted by a police presence so that Hawaiian elders can no longer regularly perform their ceremonial rites at the top of the mountain.

Mauna Kea Mountain is the spiritual center and heart of the people. Hawaiian royalty and elders have been praying at the top of the mountain for centuries. Further, Mauna Kea Mountain is held in a state trust of land conservation for the Hawaiians to access their most sacred site for generations-to-come, so this kind of militaristic corporate blocking of the people's rights to worship as they have for hundreds of years is a total affront to the Hawaiians and is completely illegal.

As the state and corporate entities prepared to move forward with the telescope construction this month, they actually destroyed Hawaiian ancestor altars near the Mauna Kea visitors center, hauling away these altars and the ceremonial offerings in garbage trucks!!! These altar sites were nowhere near the telescope construction site and this was clearly a deliberate action made to purposely strike fear into the hearts of the people.

The exact opposite effect took place. When I arrived last week on the Big Island, 2,500+ Hawaiians were gathered to block the access road to Mauna Kea Mountain. Hawaiian flags and Sovereignty flags were being proudly flown in the 'nation under distress' position everywhere on the island and in the state of Hawai'i. It was powerful to witness the solidarity of the Hawaiian people standing up for their beliefs in every way that they could express themselves: on their cars, on their homes, at schools, and at their work places.

Everywhere I traveled on the Big Island there were signs of support and flags raised on behalf of the Protectors of Mauna Kea. Although many heroic elders and protectors were being arrested on the frontlines, and the police presence continued to surge last week — more and more Hawaiians were arriving to protect the access road to the mountain this past weekend.

It was surreal timing to land on the island amidst such a climatic pitch. Although the air was rife with generational grief and righteous anger, the unified field of Aloha organizing their cause was electrifying to witness.

By Saturday, I had an intense feeling in my stomach that I needed to get up to the altar at the Mauna Kea access road and humbly offer my prayerful support for this movement. I had heard from front line activists that the National Guard was being called in on Monday morning to disperse the Protectors and I could feel there was the potential of a 'Standing Rock-level' confrontation in the air.

Elders continuously asked the governor on state TV broadcasts and social media to refrain from using tear gas and LRAD on their people. The state police have become increasingly funded to become militarized on the Big Island and many Protectors were afraid for their lives.

Witnessing the military abuses of Standing Rock from the other side of the country emotionally tore me into two pieces. I knew that I had to do what I could through oracular activism to make my contribution while on the Big Island. I asked the ancestors, the Hawaiian deities, White Buffalo Woman, and The Sophia Dragon Tribe for what offerings to bring up to the mountain and deeply prayed for how to make a contribution in a good way.

That very day, I was personally guided by a front line activist family member right up to the altar and shown where and how to make the offerings and prayers that the High Council was asking for me to make. Although I completed the Chanunpa portion of this ceremony at a private location, I used the hand carved eagle eyes of my Chanunpa to view the coordinates of each direction that the National Guard could be arriving and prayed for a complete divine intervention. I also had the opportunity to deliver small bundles of White Buffalo fur to a front line activist for blessing the hearts of the Hawaiian elders that would need protection should there be a major confrontation.

As I took in the immensity and details of how everyone was preparing to support one another in their shared protection of the mountain, I was deeply moved. The Mauna Kea Protectors camp was a profound, elegantly organized movement fueled by fiercely embodied, prayerful people.

Elders and warriors who can trace their heritage back to the Hawaiian Royal Order were dressed in suits and adorned in ceremonial attire. Women sang their prayers at the access road altar as their voices traveled up the mountain. Everyone took turns honoring one anothers' prayers.

Hawaiian cultural classes were being conducted, food was being provided, porta-potties were being serviced, crowds and traffic were being clearly directed, daily media broadcasts were being sent out and people were being taught how to remain physically and psychologically strong in the face of a physical attack. All of these moving parts were assembled and coordinated within mere weeks through the Hawaiians profound belief in community.

I marveled at such a deeply professional, calm, and organized presence amidst the uncertain storm of what was to come the next day. Anything that I had seen on global news networks did not come even close to sharing the dignity, care, and leading edge example of this movement.

Life was happening at its most raw and beautiful edge of a willing people in union with their sacred site.

What I witnessed through the elegance, the beauty, the care, the consideration, the prayer, and the education that was whirling all around me was embodied creative POWER.

I was witnessing the sovereign power of new neurological pathways being created for humanity's collective consciousness through willing human beings organizing a movement that could make a significant impact not just for its own prayer, but for movements worldwide to learn from — just as we witnessed with the Protectors at Standing Rock.

My prayer is that what is happening at Mauna Kea will take us one step closer in humanity's awakening to how the Earth should be treated and also how our Earth's Protectors should be treated. My prayer is that a peaceful resolution for the Hawaiian people can be reached without the militarized attacks that First Nations had to endure at Standing Rock.

May a divine intervention of the highest order open the gate for this next

collective quantum leap to occur on the holy grounds of sacred Mauna Kea.

The good news is that this past Sunday the National Guard was called off from arriving on Monday, and the governor actually visited for the first time with the Mauna Kea Protectors this week. Although this is a next step answered prayer to be celebrated — the cause is still far from won. Our continued vigilant, prayerful support can still make a significant difference in standing with these exceptional Protectors of Mauna Kea and Mother Earth.

In this YouTube video, I share my feelings and raw reflections from last Sunday's visit to Mauna Kea. These reflections come from a deep space in my heart for this important Hawaiian movement. I was filled with the manna of this very powerful sacred mountain and knew that it was important to share that with you while I still fresh from my experience of praying there.

As always, thank you for being on this heroic journey with me. We are living in extraordinary times in which the polarities are so extreme that it's easy to forget how powerful we really are as sovereign creators and protectors of life. I hope this video inspires you with how inspired I felt by the Hawaiians Protectors for our shared future as Wayshowers of this next Golden Age of Miracles. This was a life changing day for me and I feel grateful to share it with you. 

For those of you in our community who will be joining us at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel for this August's Divine Feminine Healing Immersive, I want to assure you that visiting the Big Island of Hawai'i is very safe and that our shared lightwork, global gridwork, and personal healing will most definitely be consecrated to blessing this important cause.

With Love, Admiration, and Respect, KAIA RA

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Protect Mauna Kea

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