“Be fluid enough to follow Sophia’s currents of divine love that want to move you beyond small ideas about yourself. Her waters are guiding you to the shores of sovereignty.”


with KAIA RA


There are certain crossroads in your spiritual journey when an exceptional spiritual consultation provides the wind at your back for leaping with faith into a whole new chapter of your Higher Self embodiment.


A private session with Kaia Ra provides a concentrated, white hot hour of channeled downloads and integrative mentorship with the Ascended Masters for accelerating your commitment to self-mastery.


Stepping into your next-level of success requires overcoming your greatest unconscious resistances to that expansion.


Your private session with Kaia Ra instantly illuminates the root of those deepest fears as her compassionate yet direct mentorship invokes your greatest light to shine with practical instructions for your immediate next steps.

A session can include a wide range of guidance on how to navigate your professional spiritual leadership or it can be used as a sanctuary for personal quantum healing and communication with your guides. Kaia Ra generously draws from her two decades of professional Divine Feminine Christ leadership to serve you with as much information and activation that your soul can receive in a single session.

Most sessions include a combination of mentorship, channeled information, spiritual counseling, and quantum healing. However, the unique journey of every session is entirely driven by how open you are to hearing the information that is being directed by your own Higher Self. Kaia Ra masterfully works with you to quickly dissolve your resistances to life changing information so that you may receive as much as possible during your hour together.  

Upon purchasing a private session, you will receive an administrative email to set up your in-take appointment. This includes booking a 15-minute pre-session phone call to clarify your needs for the session prior to meeting with Kaia Ra. To learn more about preparing for your private session, please read the FAQ response below. We look forward to serving the light of your soul!

MENTORing with kaia ra


Channeled information from your Higher Self

Advanced exploration of The Sophia Code teachings

Mentorship and quantum healing with the Ascended Masters

Healing dialogues with your departed loved one

Re-establish a conscious connection to your Star Nation family lineage

Get inside the professional blueprint of your divine purpose

Leading edge professional mentorship for spiritual leadership

Divine Purpose projects and spiritual business consultations

Overcoming unconscious resistances to being seen as a leader



Mentoring with Kaia Ra was really one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  She helped me deepen my connection with Isis, and I have courage & confidence as a spiritual professional that I’m not sure I would have without her.

— Nora

Why is the private session with Kaia Ra priced the way it is?

As an internationally renowned author, speaker, teacher, business woman, and minister, Kaia Ra is running a global movement and managing an entire team to keep The Sophia Code ministry strong and sovereign. What little time is available after attending to this full-time ministry schedule is very limited and is always scheduled months in advance. Every hour spent with one individual is an hour that can be scheduled for working on projects that would serve many people. There are inevitable choices that need to be made when a ministry is expanding at an exponential rate — tending to the whole becomes precedent. Kaia Ra cares so much for every single person who wants to privately work with her. Changing the private session rate was a challenging crossroads for her when our team identified that it was time to make this decision. We thank you for your understanding that adjusting the private rate to balance out the countless hours that Kaia Ra works on The Sophia Code ministry was absolutely essential to resolve the issue of how many people desire to privately work with her. If you’re still interested in scheduling a private session, you can book it HERE

Are there other ways to mentor with Kaia Ra?

There is a wealth of mentorship, guidance, videos, and life changing classes available to you in Stargate 1 and Stargate 2 of The Sophia Code Curriculum. Kaia Ra poured her heart into both of these programs to create a profound offering that would deeply serve the many people who want to privately work with her. The journey through The Sophia Code Curriculum is a life changing, personal journey with Kaia Ra that will offer you a generous amount of information, far beyond a single private session. Learn more about Stargate 1 and Stargate 2 of The Sophia Code Curriculum. You are also invited to mentor with Kaia Ra through the Sophia Circle Certification Program and our amazing lineup of live events and upcoming conferences.

How can I prepare for my private session?

Please show up to your session while sitting in your sacred space or at your altar. It is preferable to be in an enclosed room or a private outdoor location where you will not be disturbed by others. Please avoid loud background noise and refrain from calling in for your session from an urban public location or your car. As an acutely sensitive channel, Kaia Ra can feel the environment that you are calling in from and public locations involve too much information to navigate while she channels for you. Thank you for your respect in these matters. Please note that Kaia Ra will not channel for you while you are driving, so please take the time to coordinate your session when you can be home or in an enclosed private space that you will not be disturbed at outside of your home. If possible it’s helpful to go for a walk, exercise, or spend some time journaling / meditating prior to getting on the phone with Kaia Ra. Get inside your breath, soften the edges of your mind, and open your heart to be in a receptive state for your session. Make the prayer that your Higher Self is guiding the session and that you will be receiving exactly what you need from your time together with Kaia Ra — even beyond what you are expecting! It’s particularly helpful to be at your altar and have your copy of The Sophia Code during your session. Consider scheduling enough time for self-care after your session is over. It’s really important to allow yourself some space to ground and integrate the living transmission that you’ve been receiving for an hour. Integration ideas include: taking a bath / nap, going for a walk in nature, sitting by the shoreline in meditation, anointing yourself with essential oils, eating a healthy warm meal, journaling, yoga, reflecting with and receiving hugs from a loved one. If something has come up during your session that is particularly surprising or challenging to be with, remember that it is very important to be gentle with yourself. Give yourself a week to just be with the information without it having to be right or wrong. Practice having compassion for the one within you that wants something to be immediately different or cannot accept what’s been offered. Be curious about how much you can consciously love yourself through the activation that this information is bringing up for you. Ultimately a private mentor session is designed to accelerate your greatest growth by becoming fully present with what has prevented that expansion up until now. Your spiritual willingness in these matters is deeply appreciated and allows for you to access all of the multidimensional blessings and empowerments that you receive during your private session with Kaia Ra.

Can I book a follow-up mentor session with Kaia Ra?

Yes. Please follow the same steps that you did for booking your first session with Kaia Ra. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at: Submit Your Request



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