Wings Up! Conference – Virtual Conference


The Sophia Dragon Tribe is calling us to gather as a global community of Earth Angels to activate the resonance of sovereignty worldwide. The Wings Up! Conference provides a rare and important opportunity to connect with Kaia Ra LIVE in Phoenix, AZ! You can also attend the Wings Up! Conference through a virtual broadcast that’s easily accessible online. Together, alongside the Ascended Masters, our spiritual maturity will expand to thrive in our shared angelic mission.

The Wings Up! Conference is designed to offer you heart-centered guidance and practical spiritual tools for fulfilling your divine purpose and standing in your truth amidst the ever-changing circumstances of these polarized times. You’ll participate in a candid dialogue with Kaia Ra on important topics that will uplift your heart and empower your divine purpose. This exceptional 2-day conference includes channeled Higher Self Activations, next-level teachings on sovereignty, insights on spiritual leadership, somatic movement, creative community building exercises, and live Q&A with Kaia Ra.

  • The Wings Up! Conference is a life changing event in Phoenix, AZ that you can attend in-person or as a virtual conference on September 9 & 10, 2021
  • Participate in a 2-day community immersive with the Ascended Masters guiding your intuitive development and sovereign empowerment for thriving in these pivotal times of change
  • Receive Higher Self Activations, psychic attunements of discernment, next-level teachings on sovereign embodiment, and essential insights for navigating spiritual leadership in all circumstances
  • Co-create a candid community dialogue in LIVE Q&A sessions with Kaia Ra on important spiritual topics that will empower your divine purpose and deepen your connection with The Sophia Dragon Tribe