Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $277 per Month for 3 months


Embody the Intuitive Gifts of Your 8 Chakra Temples

YOUR sovereignty is the key!

8 Psychic Development Master Sessions with all 8 Keycodes

14 Hours of Activations & Ceremonial Rites of Initiation

Recorded Mentor Q&A with Kaia Ra

Essential Spiritual Light Body Technology Upgrades

Higher Self Embodiment Skills for Navigating the Collective

Spiritual Discernment & Intuitive Self-Mastery Practices

Lifetime Access to all Master Sessions & Ceremonies

This Activation Training Includes:

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $277 per Month for 3 months

Is Developing Your Intuition Important to You?

Receiving daily guidance from your Higher Self has never been more essential for navigating these pivotal times. You’re invited to learn life changing psychic development techniques from the Ascended Masters and Kaia Ra! This training program was originally recorded in the sacred vortices of Sedona, AZ which amplifies your ability to receive the living transmission of these 8 master sessions activating your Chakra Temples.

Clear Karmic Blockages & Open Your Intuitive Centers

Complete with in-depth teachings and transformative activations with The Ascended Masters, this channeled immersive will provide a powerful karmic clearing and psychic attunement for opening every major chakra in your body. Discover how Sophia Christ consciousness can clear the wounds of being persecuted for your psychic abilities across lifetimes, while also revealing the practical, daily applications of your Higher Self's intuitive gifts.

Receive a Gift of Attunement from Each Keycode

You’ll also be receiving a gift of attunement from each Keycode mentor of The Sophia Code for every major Chakra Temple in your body. These psychic attunements will provide you with important spiritual guidance and release resistances for embodying multiple aspects of your intuitive development.


These gifts of attunement will open your heart to authentically hear, feel, and know the divine guidance of your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters with greater clarity and consistency.

Life Changing Ceremonial Rites of Passage with Higher Self Activations

Throughout each of the 8 Master Sessions you’ll participate in ceremonial rites of passage that include revolutionary Higher Self Activations, which will help you break free from self-limiting beliefs about your psychic abilities and support you to reclaim your spiritual gifts. Step through the stargate and immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind, multidimensional Mystery School training to experience the Ascended Masters activating a profound and life changing trust in your psychic abilities.

Psychic Development with Each Keycode Mentor

Deepen your relationship with each of the Ascended Masters in The Sophia Code as they guide you on a journey of self-mastery through your own body as we ascend through the 8 Chakra Temples of your intuition! This psychic development training will provide clear, direct tools and techniques for expanding in the gifts of your Higher Self embodiment and reclaiming your body as a highly attuned vessel for receiving divine guidance.

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $277 per Month for 3 months

Mentor with Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe!

Your 8 chakra temple JOURNEY


Opening Ceremony

Zero Point Calibration: Lemuria, Atlantis, Egypt & Star Nations


Root Chakra Temple 

Keycode 1: Isis & White Cobra

Sacral Chakra Temple

Keycode 2: Hathor & Golden Ankh

Solar Plexus Chakra Temple

Keycode 3: Green Tara & Soul Star

Heart Chakra Temple

Keycode 4: Mother Mary & Shekinah Dove

Throat Chakra Temple

Keycode 5: Mary Magdalene & Diamond Light

Third Eye Chakra Temple

Keycode 6: Quan Yin & Blue Pearl

Crown Chakra Temple

Keycode 7: White Buffalo Woman & Sky Grandmother

Eighth Soul Star Chakra Temple

Keycode 777: The Sophia Dragons & Victory Laurel Crown

Closing Ceremony

Cellular Soul Integration

Testimonials from The Sophia Code Community
Release resistances to your intuition and embody the psychic gifts of your Higher Self!



The Sedona Conference was in perfect harmony with my soul. Sedona offered me the opportunity to "come out" with safety. Kaia Ra and the Team Angels created the perfect teachings, exercises, and environment for me to see myself anew. I left with the clarity of my mission, as well as, being more centered within myself. I also met incredible community. Everything that Kaia Ra led us through cleared my self-doubt and charged my body, mind, and spirit with a grounding directive.

— Sandy


How to Prepare for Your Psychic Development Training

Completing all 8 Keycode Initiations from The Sophia Code book will open your heart to deeply receive the living transmission broadcasting from the Sedona Conference.


Access to the Stargate 1 Curriculum course work of The Sophia Code Mystery School provides important foundational teachings for mentoring with the Ascended Masters and integrating this psychic development training within every level of your being.

About Accessing Your Psychic Development Training Videos

Upon full payment you will receive access to all recordings via email. Please be sure to add contact@kaiara.com to your safe-sender list to receive your products. Your purchase includes lifetime access to these recordings for integrating this material at your own pace. It is highly beneficial to participate in these master sessions multiple times.

Purchases made through an Empowerment Payment Plan include allocated videos emailed to you per payment. You will receive full access to the entirety of this program upon your final payment. Please feel free to contact us directly with your questions about the Empowerment Payment Plan options by scheduling a FREE Team Angel call HERE.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available within 48 hours of purchase per written request.

We cherish the opportunity to support your soul’s light during this very potent year of collective transformation!

All Our Love,


The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team

We suggest that you participate in these recorded master sessions at your altar or in a sacred space consecrated to your spiritual journey. It may be helpful to prepare an option for laying down when participating in the ceremonial portion of our event. This may support you to integrate any releases or attunement upgrades. PLEASE do not listen to these recordings while driving! It is important for you to receive the living transmission of The Sophia Code in a safe and uninterrupted environment.

Your Sovereignty Is the Key!
Transmission recorded in Sacred Sedona
Welcome Angel!

Your Journey Begins Here

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