Divine Feminine Christ Leadership Conference

SEDONA | OCT 16-18



Your Leadership Matters at This Pivotal Moment

You’re invited to a very special 3-Day Leadership Conference with Kaia Ra in sacred Sedona. Each day you’ll be receiving quantum healing, activations, and empowerments from The Sophia Dragon Tribe for embodying your Higher Self to lead The Way at this pivotal moment in time.


Within the joy of community, you’ll experience powerful breakthroughs for taking your next professional quantum leap as a spiritual wayshower for others. In this lifetime, we didn’t come here to live stagnant lives. 


We came here to play powerful intersecting roles through our divine purpose. We want to personally invite you to join us in sacred space where leaders come to be regenerated and empowered with other leaders.

Radically Expand In Your Leadership
  • Channeled somatic movement release and Higher Self dynamic embodiment sessions

  • Clearing up the confusion and fears of codependent and conditional ‘service'

  • Speaking and witnessing our authentic expression in community

  • Writing and sharing with one another from our soul’s voice

  • Receiving profound healing, activations, and support from the Ascended Masters

  • Exploring frontline wisdom and professional insider tips from The Sophia Code movement

  • Diving into important principles of embodying and maintaining success as a Wayshower

Quantum Leap Empowerments Happen in the Sacred Space of Community

The Sophia Code Community is now a sanctuary for light workers around the world to remain faithful to the marathon of embodied leadership. You are not alone on this great mission to shift humanity's collective consciousness. You are invited to join us in Sedona for a life-changing immersive with powerful Ascended Master Mentors who are co-creating this shift with you.


We look forward to working with you at this powerful and rare opportunity to mentor with Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragon Tribe LIVE in stunning Sedona. 

Mentor with the Ascended Masters in Sedona - $1595



OCTOBER 16 — 18, 2019

Daily Schedule: 10 AM — 5 PM

Location: Sedona Creative Life Center

Mentor with the Masters — $1595.00

Day One
ISis & Hathor —
“Spelling It Out: Speaking Your Truth Creates Quantum Evolution for Your Clients and Community”

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

On Day 1 we will open the temple gates with the exceptional Ascended Master teachers, Isis and Hathor, profound mentors for stepping into and expanding in your professional leadership. 

— isis —

Eye of Ra Activation: Real-time discernment and speaking your truth beyond the perceptions, projections, and agendas of others

Claiming Your Magick to Spell It Out: Activate and accelerate your divine purpose to lead through your divine rights of invoking, commanding, summoning, and prospering

Oracular Activism for Collective Awakening: Learn Isis practices that heighten your communion with Sophia Gaia to receive relevant guidance for causes that you believe in

Grace of the Blue Lotus:  Remaining in Sophia Christ consciousness as you facilitate sacred space for others to heal their greatest wounds

Ego-free Multidimensional Leadership: Oracular activism as a birthright, privilege, responsibility, and commitment

The Beauty Way of Sekhmet: Identifying the need for fierce boundaries and how to create them with a loving voice through your leadership

Invoking Prosperity for Your Leadership to Thrive: Creating pathways of professional success for your teaching and healing containers through the angelic ray of your Higher Self

Quantum Time Travel:  Your voice can speak beyond the laws of time to heal the grief of previous ages and reconcile humanity with a future timeline for a Golden Age to be born

Be Everywhere at the Same Time:  Walking on electrons to discover your multidimensional power as a leader initiating others into this same awareness

Interstellar Ambassadorship:  Facilitating stargates of support for your clients and community to reunite with their angelic and/or star family lineages

Success Stories from Our Community of Leaders
Day Two
mary magdalene & joan of arc —
“The Divine Feminine Path for Courageously Embodying Sophia Christ Teachings Beyond Right or Wrong”

Thursday, October 17, 2019

On Day 2 Mary Magdalene, Jesus, Joan of Arc, and the entire Order of Magdalena will be guiding you in how to access your angelic powers within human form so that you may effectively lead others to their own divine light. 

— mary Magdalene —
— joan of arc —

Accepting the Angel Within: Why giving yourself permission to lead from who you really are is an essential teaching embodiment for your clients and community

Your Tongue Is a Sword: Resourcing your Higher Self to guide your speech throughout every moment of divine service ~ both on stage and off!

Speaking to the Wounded Spaces: Multidimensional practices for articulating information, advocacy, healing, and empowerment to challenging clients and audiences that need the message but are unsure of how to receive the medicine

Many Wings Make the Marathon Easier: Get community building leadership practices for unifying a collective Lightworker presence that is needed on the planet at this time in our history

Wise as Serpent, Gentle as a Dove: Learning how to resource the Holy Spirit of your Higher Self to see clearly and respond with maturity in moments of polarized leadership

Healthy Gatekeeping for the Marathon of Leadership: Defining psychic boundaries that allow you to serve with longevity and commitment

7th-Plane Leadership through Sophia Christ Light: Elevating the consciousness of your clients and communities to consider the many roles that we play for one another’s evolution, including how to safely counsel others beyond victimhood

Angelic Ray Leadership Activations: Receive Higher Self light body upgrades to strengthen your angelic wings, protect your chakra systems, and ground your kundalini connection to the Earth

Order of Magdalena Wings Up Ceremony
Release the past to step into the present power of your Earth Angel Leadership!
“My oracular transmission awakens you as a vehicle of awakening for others. You are an angel on Earth — and I am right here by your side, supporting your prayer to become an essential leader in this global movement for the Divine Feminine Christ.”
— Mary Magdalene, The Sophia Code, Pg. 190
Day Three
White Buffalo woman —
“Leading Through the Prayer that Is Praying You:
Embodying the Lightning Medicine of Sophia’s Truth”

Friday, October 18, 2019

On Day 3 we’ll be stepping through the stargate to receive leadership counsel from White Buffalo Woman and the Order of Sky Grandmothers. Throughout this day's multidimensional journey you will reconcile with your innate divine power to command miracles!

— white buffalo —
— order of —
sky grandmothers

Navigating Spontaneous Messages from the Womb of No-thing: Why it’s none of your business what wants to come through you and how it’s absolutely your business to say it anyways as a leader

Co-Creating the Rites of Leadership: Birthing a new paradigm of Sophia Christ consciousness that weaves the collaborative visions of many people leading together as one to initiate humanity’s awakening

Grandmother Spider Activation: Tapping into the womb of no-thing to access limitless creativity, untapped talent, and new networks of support for your Divine Feminine Christ leadership

Praying from the Perspective of Prosperity Consciousness: Working with White Buffalo medicine to create a foundation of peace, abundance, and safety in your personal life and professional leadership offering

The Shapeshifting Medicine of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness: How your oracular leadership will evolve your perception and relationship with form – and why that’s essential for our collective evolution

The Sky Grandmothers Speak: Why and how to “hold your seat in ceremony” so that the lightning clarity of a simplified message can exponentially expand your reach to new clients and community

Elemental Invocations for Global Activism: Resourcing the five elements for shifting outcomes, merging timelines, and birthing higher dimensional realities into form

Peace to the People: Ascension Ceremony to usher in peace and reconcile the imbalances between humanity and Mother Earth.

The Miracle Maker Leadership Ceremony
Reconcile with your Higher Self's sovereign creative power to command miracles!

“Step Up to the Mic: Being Seen and Heard in Your Higher Self Embodiment”

OCTOBER 19 — 20, 2019

Step up to the mic in this electric, intimate class setting to receive professional coaching and lightning wisdom mentorship personally channeled for you by Kaia Ra that jumpstarts your next big leap.

In this once in a lifetime opportunity to mentor one-on-one and in-person with Kaia Ra, you are supported to overcome your greatest fears and step into your greatest empowerment as a professional channel, speaker, and Divine Feminine Christ leader on stage.

You'll also get directly activated and mentored from witnessing Kaia Ra’s teaching transmission facilitate this same radical transformational journey for each VIP Initiate. This highly focused experience includes dynamic group Q&A mentoring intervals for integrating the profound shifts that unfold in collective consciousness during this rare opportunity to work this closely with Kaia Ra.

The VIP Mentor Immersive is a curated learning environment, limited to only 22 seats, and Initiates enrolled in our Modern Mystery school programs are given preference for attendance. With that said, all interested individuals are invited to apply and every application is reviewed with great care.


This special opportunity sells out fast so it is important to apply early. Attendance of the 3-Day Sedona Conference is required to attend the VIP Immersive and Empowerment Payment Plans are available until September 30th, 2019. You can email Ashley HERE to set up a free Team Angel Call to answer any questions about the application process or payment plan options. 

Please apply early, only 5 seats left.

This intimate leadership training sells out quickly.



The Sedona Conference was in perfect harmony with my soul. Sedona offered me the opportunity to "come out" with safety. Kaia Ra and the Team Angels created the perfect teachings, exercises, and environment for me to see myself anew. I left with the clarity of my mission, as well as, being more centered within myself. I also met incredible community. Everything that Kaia Ra led us through cleared my self-doubt and charged my body, mind, and spirit with a grounding directive.

— Sandy

Receive a Direct Mentorship Transmission from Kaia Ra


Applying for the VIP Immersive

Purchasing the 3-Day Leadership Conference is a mandatory requirement for applying to participate in the 2-Day VIP Mentor Leadership Immersive with Kaia Ra. 


Initiates of The Sophia Code Curriculum are given preference for attending the VIP Mentor Immersive. Although not required, we do highly encourage that you complete reading or listening to the audiobook of The Sophia Code at least once before attending the Sedona Leadership Conference.

​Due to the highly valued and limited capacity of the VIP Immersive, refund requests made between June 28 - August 28, 2019 are available for 50% of your total amount paid.  Refunds will not be available after August 28, 2019.

How to Prepare for the Sedona Conference

Embodying all 8 Keycode Initiations from the book will support your in-person experience of the living transmission coming through Kaia Ra. Having access to the Stargate 1 and Stargate 2 materials of The Sophia Code Curriculum is also highly encouraged, but not mandatory for your attendance of this event.

Travel Information

The Sophia Code Divine Feminine Christ Leadership Conference includes your event pass to all 3 days of this life-changing training.

Please Note: Travel, lodging, and meals are not included in your enrollment. We have a PDF of suggestions for local lodging and helpful travel tips in Sedona that you can download HERE

You can also connect with your international community of Initiates attending the Sedona Leadership Conference to discuss co-creative travel arrangements in The Sophia Code Official Community Forum HERE. Please remember to use your discernment and discretion when making travel arrangements with others, we are not responsible for the decisions that you make for traveling with community members to this event.

Attending the 1-Day Training for Sophia Circle Leaders

For our 2019 graduating Initiates of the Sophia Circle Certification Program, there will be a 1-Day Training Immersive scheduled for October 14, 2019 at the Sedona Creative Life Center. Please click here to learn more and ENROLL NOW.

Refund Policy

Conference refunds are available until August 28, 2019. Following this date, refunds are store credit only, excluding jewelry sales. 

We cherish the opportunity to support your soul’s light during this very potent year of collective transformation!

All Our Love,


The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team

Welcome Angel!

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