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A Sophia Circle Journey® is a life changing experience where you are guided through every chapter of The Sophia Code. Your Sophia Circle Leader   creates a sacred space for you to feel supported in your spiritual awakening with The Sophia Code teachings, including how to mentor with the Ascended Masters and embody your Higher Self.


Your Journey with a Sophia Circle Leader


Joanna Stevens

Boise, ID

Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Intuitive Reader, Divine Feminine Coach, Personal Trainer, Spiritual Networker, Healer & Teacher with a national outreach. It's my passion to guide you in the remembrance of your sovereignty through Sophia Circle Journeys®!

Dina Malay

Santa Cruz, CA

Intuition Medicine® Therapist, Spiritual Mentor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine. I am delighted to create a powerful, gentle and compassionate space for you to embody your divinity through the Sophia Circle Journey®.

Janice LaFountaine

Spokane, WA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Relationship Counselor, Soul Unity Founder. It is my delight to create a safe, secure environment for you to explore your sovereignty through the heart of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.  

Shannon Sahaja

Big Island, HI

Ceremonialist, Spiritual Counselor, Embodiment Alchemist, Yoga Therapist.  It's my passion to facilitate a safe and loving container for you to heal from separation and return to your sovereign wholeness through the creative caldron of Sophia Circle Journeys®.

Erika Joan Cole

Occidental, CA

Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Team Angel, Channel, Spiritual Trauma Psychotherapist AMFT, Reiki Master, Breathwork Facilitator, Creatrix Leader, Visionary Fine Artist and Mother. It is my honor and bliss to facilitate the soul medicine of a Sophia Circle Journey® for you!

Karla Wilson

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Earth Healer, EFT Practitioner, Group Facilitator, Ceremonial Co-Creator, heart-centered leader and explorer. I am honored to guide you in receiving the blueprint for accepting your sovereign divinity, one loving step at a time through a Sophia Circle Journey.®️

Chelsie Sullivan

North Kingston, RI

Interstellar Missionary, Starseed, Channel, Writer, Artist, Creatrix, Healer, Teacher, Ceremonialist. I am delighted to create the sacred space for magic to unfold as you discover your creative power through The Sophia Circle Journey®

Mysti Green

Seattle, WA

Ordained Minister, Ceremonialist, Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader, Divine Feminine Priestess, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, Ayurverdic Specialist. Facilitating a creative safe space for your empowerment with The Sophia Code® teachings is one of my greatest joys!

Ruesha Ann Hendricks

Portland, OR

Community Co-Creator, Ascension Catalyst, Hospice Nurse, Compassionate Guide, Light Body Activator, Theta Healer®, Divine Feminine Activist. I'm honored to  support your spiritual awakening through Sophia Circle Journeys®.

Theresa Gooch

Moscow, ID

Speaker, Author, Sound Healer, Quantum Energetics Practitioner, Wisdom Keeper, Transformational Leader. It is my great joy to lead Sophia Circle Journeys® by shining the light on your unlimited sovereign potential and your ever-expanding divinity.  

Judy A Guadalupe

Sacramento, CA

Inspirer of the Soul, Spiritual Guide, Sound Healing, Universal Translator of Light Language, Sacred Parenting Facilitator, Author. It is my deepest honor to co-create sacred space for your full divine embodiment through this exquisite Living Transmission.

Paula Petri

Two Rivers, WI

Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Channel, Life Coach, Wisdom Keeper, Intuitive Energy Healer & Goddess Dance Ceremonialist. It is my joy to create the sacred space of Sophia Circle Journeys® which will expand your direct connection to the Source.

Aeiya Joy

Mount Shasta, CA

Dancer, Musician, Ascension Midwife, DragonBodhi™️ Creatrix. It my delight to create sacred space for your personal transformation! I am honored and blessed to serve your heart's expansion and sovereign embodiment through Sophia Circle Journeys®️.

Annette D. Greene

Katy, TX

Holistic Institute Founder, Certified Yoga Therapist, LMSW, Sophia Circle Leader. Humanity is craving a re-awakening of Divine Feminine Consciousness. I invite you on a guided Sophia Circle Journey® with me to discover the Feminine Christ Consciousness within!

Deasiya Barker

Vineyard, UT

Team Angel, Starseed Channel, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Divine Feminine Leader. It is an honor for me to serve your heart through the Sophia Circle® ministry. Together we will explore your radiant sovereign divinity supported by our loving Ascended Master mentors.

Andrea Spears

Kaysville, UT

Spiritual Guide, Community Networker, Divine Feminine Advocate, Business Owner. The journey to embody your Sovereign Divinity is foundational for your success! It is my passion to serve your heart as we journey through The Sophia Code® teachings together. 

Keli Meagher

Santa Rosa, CA

Divine Feminine Mentor & Guide, Homeopath, Spiritual Counselor. My mission is to serve your heart as you awaken to the truth of your sovereignty. The Sophia Code is the blueprint to remembering that you are Loved, and you are LOVE.

Compasha Mama

Grass Valley, CA

Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Earth Angel of Radical Compassion. It is my soul mission to be a guiding light of Sophia's unconditional love for you. Together we'll mentor with the Ascended Masters within a supportive and sacred space of your Sophia Circle Journey®.

Marcy Shulman


Divine Feminine Leader & Mentor, Reiki Grand Master, Light Worker, Distant Energy Attunement Specialist, Light Keeper, Spiritual Teacher. I am thrilled to create a supportive and healing environment to facilitate the discovery of your sovereign divinity in sacred space.

Barbara Joy

Sedona, AZ

Transformational Coach, Soul Records Reader,  Divine Channel and Healer.  It is my honor and privilege to guide you in your soul expansion and the expression of your divine gifts through the Sophia Circle Journey®️.

Kirsty Targrass

Bright, Victoria

Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Oracle of the Rose, Herbalist & Ceremonialist. It is my honour to share this sacred text with you so you can ignite your connection and remembrance into Self Love, Innocence, Faith, and Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Louise Charman-James

Helensburgh, New South Wales

Seasoned Sophia Circle® Leader, Divine Feminine Mentor & Guide, Spiritual Healer,  Sound & Light Channel. As we read aloud and reflect upon the sacred text together, you'll grow in self-love and mastery during our Sophia Circle Journey® with the Ascended Masters.

Michelle Murphy

Sydney, New South Wales

Seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Akashic Record Intuitive Reader, Energy Healer & Hypnotherapist. I am honored to create a gentle and powerful space for your spiritual awakening. My prayer is for you to feel safe and celebrated as you embrace the beauty of your true self.


Sabine Kalt

Aargau, Switzerland

Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Intuitive, Wisdom Keeper, Divine Feminine Leader. It is my great joy to facilitate sacred space for your Sophia Circle Journeys® so you can blossom into the truth of your sovereign divinity and heal in all areas of your life. 

Nina Wedborn

Stockholm, Sweden

Teacher, Mystic, Creatrix, and Life Artist. As a frequency holder and keeper of sacred space, I facilitate ceremonial sacred space with Sophia Circle Journeys® to bless your relationship with life and honor the wholeness of Divine Love within you.


Taryn van der Merwe

Johannesburg, South Africa

Akashic Record Reader, Integrative Transformational Healer, Divine Feminine Way-shower, Grandmother Wisdom Keeper. It is my deep honor to serve & heal the sacred hoop of humanity's heart, by anchoring Heaven on Earth, one Sophia Circle® at a time..


Genevieve Sarah

Toronto, Ontario

It is with great honour and my heart's deepest prayer to facilitate a Sophia Circle Journey® for you. Together we will reclaim your authentic self and activate The Sophia Code within you. Welcoming of all religious beliefs as we co-create heaven on earth. 

Sonia Tavares

Toronto, Ontario

The core of my work is returning humanity's heart to our Divine Mother. I get to do that through these journeys. I also get to witness the tremendous realizations, transformations and empowerment taking form among participants. It's spectacular!

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