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Sophia Circle Leadership
Certification Program

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We are each being called into a profound, embodied remembrance of why we chose to be living angels on Earth at this time. This is a pivotal moment in our human evolution. We face the challenge of evolving through multiple global crises caused by deep patriarchal wounding. These planetary-wide wounds can only be healed by activating the collective power of Earth Angels working together as one on this great mission.

The root healing of every soul wound is the truth of our shared sovereign divinity. As an Earth Angel, you are innately called to initiate yourself and others into this life changing truth. The Sophia Code book is a rare sacred text that proclaims this truth to the world through a living transmission and multidimensional mystery school container that activates every person who holds it in their hands.

As you integrate the Stargate 1 teachings of The Sophia Code Curriculum, your Higher Self embodiment matures into a daily practice that reveals your authentic self in ever-increasing measure. This integrative embodiment provides great relief and empowerment for your relationship with life.

You begin to consider how you want to share this empowerment with others. Eventually, the choice to unfurl your wings becomes irresistible and your heart seeks to support others in how to embody the light of their own sovereign divinity.

In your journey with the Ascended Masters have you thought about sharing The Sophia Code in a bigger way?

The Sophia Code is an immaculate blueprint for guiding others in how to awaken Sophia Christ consciousness within them — which activates a spiritual awakening to one's own sovereign divinity. With Mary Magdalene’s guidance, I’ve designed the 2019 Sophia Circle Leadership Certification program as a clear and organized pathway for leading others through every chapter of The Sophia Code teachings.

In this program, The Sophia Dragon Tribe provides you with a powerful blueprint for your professional facilitation of structured Sophia Circles that will make a profound impact upon your clients, community, and our world.

Upon receiving your official certificate to facilitate Sophia Circles, your Earth Angel embodiment will expand as an example to others that it is safe for you to receive income for your spiritual leadership as you share The Sophia Code with others.

Receive the guidance, mentorship, teaching resources, and marketing tools that you will need for facilitating in-person and online community spiritual journeys through the living transmissions of The Sophia Code

You’re invited to activate the divine genome of countless Lightworkers alongside me and The Sophia Dragon Tribe with this life-changing opportunity to become an important Wayshower of our shared Divine Feminine Christ movement.



Yes! Empowerment Payment Plans are available. 

Schedule a free call with a Team Angel to learn more!


Enrollment begins January 2020



Online Opening Ceremony

(4) Mentor Q&A Group Calls

(8) Pre-Recorded Video Facilitator Training Classes

(8) Weekly Activation Self-Study Steps

(9) BONUS Keycode Video Transmissions

BONUS Training for Virtual Circles

Private Members Online Forum

Client Email Support

Access to The Sophia Code Curriculum Stargate 1 materials

Online Graduation Ceremony




Brand Guidelines for leading Sophia Circles


that includes optional promotional materials

for online and print distribution


to lead free and paid learning journeys through The Sophia Code as a sacred text


to stay connected with your alumni network of leaders


to apply for our forthcoming Ceremonial Leadership Program and future VIP Mentor opportunities with Kaia Ra


to grow with our Mystery School Community, including listing your business on our membership site

Kaia Ra Answers FAQs About the Certification Program

In this recent FaceBook Live with Kaia Ra, we answer many of your logistical and professional questions about becoming a Sophia Circle leader.


Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions after watching this video HERE.

let's talk

We have a devoted circle of Team Angels who are available to answer all of your questions that may arise as you consider enrolling in the Certification Program.

Common Questions that We Receive

Am I ready to be seen as a wayshower? Is this year's program a good fit for me? 

How do I incorporate this certification material with my other professional offerings?

What are the prerequisites?

Is there a limit on how much income I can earn through Sophia Circles?

How exactly do the payment plans work?

How will this program support me to spread my wings in leadership?

Your choice to activate humanity's sovereign divinity by enrolling in the 2020 Certification Program is a big decision. I am blessed to be working with an amazing team of dedicated Earth Angels who are here to support your questions. They are here to guide you through the Temple Gates as you listen to your heart about going deeper in our mystery school curriculum. Please know that you're supported in your decision-making Angel! 

ABOUT THE Official certification PROCESS
“The official certification process is here to reflect back to you how worthy you are of sharing The Sophia Code with others. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your integration process, celebrate your personal growth, and to identify areas of facilitation with which you may need to receive more support.” KAIA RA

It’s natural to feel hesitant or intimidated about a certification process, but please know that our team is here to deeply support your completion of this important initiation. When your packet is complete you will look back and marvel at your expanding professional embodiment and give thanks for the journey!


You will have one year to complete your certification process.


However, we highly suggest riding the momentum of the dragon ride and completing your packet within 3 - 6 months after the program ends. The sooner you submit, the sooner you can be certified and making income from your spiritual leadership with The Sophia Code. 


The facilitator’s manual and marketing materials are sent out with your official certificate signed and blessed by Kaia Ra. All the steps will be provided for how to submit your packet to our team in a good way. We’re so excited to see you shine as a facilitator of Sophia’s light!

You will receive your signed Certificate from Kaia Ra upon
approval of your submitted packet, which includes:
Brief Video Presentation
Written Essay
Completed Activation Steps

You’re ready, Angel!

Please feel free to contact us HERE with your questions about the certification process.

We’re happy to walk you through the temple gates. 



Yes! Empowerment Payment Plans are available. 

 Schedule a free call  with a Team Angel to learn more!

I honor the gift of your angelic presence in our community.
Your loving support of The Sophia Code is changing this world in miraculous ways every day! Thank you for allowing me to support your prayer to lead in 2020. This is our lifetime to shine together!
With Sophia Blessings,

PLEASE NOTE: Enrolling in this program does not guarantee certification. The facilitator’s manual and marketing materials are received with your official certificate signed by Kaia Ra. You are not allowed to market or facilitate instructive paid programs with The Sophia Code until officially certified.


Facilitating sacred space with the codex is a privilege and a responsibility that our team takes seriously. Thank you for respecting the program structure of this modern mystery school container, as each level of education is designed for everyone’s safety.

We are here to answer any questions you have! Contact Us HERE to schedule a call, Angel!

Welcome Angel!

Your Journey Begins Here

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