Early Bird Registration is Open! (through December 31, 2020 at Midnight PST)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $144 per Month for 6 Months

Full Price Registration begins on January 1, 2021 at $1,333

Did you know that your greatest wounds contain your greatest offering for this world?

Transforming Trauma Into Soul Power™ is a LIVE mentorship journey with Kaia Ra for how to become authentically present with your wounding as you keep your heart open to embody your greatest healing.


This program was inspired by Kaia Ra’s prayer to create a modern somatic language that addresses our vital need for a new conscious dialogue on how to heal from the devastating wounds of personal and collective trauma. 

We will examine the many unconscious ways that trauma can significantly impact the balance of your body, heart, and mind.

You’ll discover how the act of minimizing what you’ve survived is a coping strategy that can sabotage success in every aspect of your life. We'll also get sober from codependency with important insights on how unresolved trauma can create chaos in your personal and professional relationships. You will receive practical daily tools for developing your emotional bandwidth and maturity, which include spiritual practices that center and ground you in your relationship with life. 


This Mentor Journey Will Open Your Heart to Receive:
  • An attunement with your Soul Power for receiving clear guidance

  • Deeper self-compassion — even when your fears arise

  • Inner resourcing instead of looking for outer validation

  • More self-acceptance and far less self-judgement

  • Greater emotional freedom to embody deeper peace and well-being


2021 LIVE Mentor Class Schedule



January 13

Opening Ceremony

January 27

Mentor Q&A

February 17

Mentor Q&A

March 10

Mentor Q&A

January 20

Mentor Q&A

February 10

Mentor Q&A

February 24

Mentor Q&A

March 17

Closing Ceremony

Anger & Rage


Anxiety & Hypervigilance

Shame & Self-Sabotage

Terror & Fear

Grief & Sadness

  •  Move through challenging emotions with titration and self-love practices

  •  Give yourself permission to complete important cycles of integration 

  •  Reveal inner pathways of self-resourcing that include self-parenting practices

  •  Initiate the four interdependent levels of self-care that rebuild self-confidence

  •  Effectively communicate safe and healthy emotional boundaries

Learn How to Identify the Unresolved Roots of: 
Discover How Attuning to Your Soul Power Can:

The structure of Transforming Trauma Into Soul Power™ provides 2 LIVE ceremonies and 6 Mentor Q&A Sessions with Kaia Ra for you to gather in an emotional safe space with conscious community members.


When we come together for each of these powerful Mentor Q&A Sessions, Kaia Ra opens a rich portal and dialogue that will also include embodiment practices and intuitive guidance that will deepen your relationship with your Higher Self, your Inner Child, and the Ascended Masters of The Sophia Dragon Tribe®. 

One of the greatest ways that trauma keeps us chained to the past is the shamed-based belief that we have to figure out our personal healing alone. This often leads us on a journey where we experience additional loneliness for years before we reach out for support.  We invite you to receive the grace of stepping forward and being seen as a warrior and angel of light who has survived your journey to bring a great gift of divine love into this world.

How would you feel about your healing journey if you knew there was a great purpose to what you survived?
Your Journey Into Soul Power Begins January 13, 2021
Transforming Trauma Into Soul Power™ will support you to mend your wings and lift them high in 2021!

Early Bird Offer $777

Early Bird Registration is Open! (through December 31, 2020 at Midnight PST)

Yes! Empowerment Plans Available $144 per Month for 6 Months

Full Price Registration begins on January 1, 2021 at $1,333

  • (2) 2-Hour Healing Ceremonies 

  • (6) 2-Hour Mentor Q&A Sessions

  • Somatic Spiritual Teachings with the Ascended Masters

  • Lifetime Access to Video Replays

  • Private Facebook Forum with Team Angel Support

  • Healing Activation Steps & Soul Power Rituals

  • (Bonus) Downloadable Altar Prayer Card

REFUND POLICY  |  Full Refund requests for Transforming Trauma Into Soul Power™  must be received within 3 days from purchase date. Following this date there is a store credit refund for transferring your enrollment to purchase an alternative event, curriculum, or digital download products. Jewelry and altar card sales excluded from store credit transfer. 

LEGAL NOTICE  |  Kaia Ra is not a doctor or licensed therapist. This program solely provides educational examples, mentor insights, and spiritual inspiration from Kaia Ra’s personal healing journey that you may use for motivating your own sovereign, pro-active choices to heal from trauma. By enrolling in this program you acknowledge, understand, and agree that this course work does not provide psychological counseling, relationship counseling, financial advising, or any other type of counseling or therapy sessions. Please discuss your physical and mental wellness with a mental health practitioner before making changes to your diet, adjusting/discontinuing any medication, or making any significant lifestyle change. We are not responsible for any adverse outcomes associated with using or misconstruing advice from this program.


A Life Changing Healing Journey with Kaia Ra LIVE


“We came here to embody our magnificence — this includes owning the heroic feats of what we are willing to heal and empower within ourselves, as an example to all of humanity of what is possible in this Divine Feminine Christ movement.”


—Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code, Pg. xix

Welcome Angel!

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