In your Stargate 2 Curriculum journey with Kaia Ra, you are guided deeper into The Sophia Code’s revolutionary blueprint for embodying your sovereignty. As you integrate the foundational teachings of the Stargate 1 Curriculum, the inevitable call arises to guide others in their own self-initiated liberation.


The Stargate 2 Curriculum supports you stepping into the spotlight of your divine purpose and unique professional offering for this lifetime as you courageously commit to being seen as a Wayshower for others.

Drawing from a lifetime of dedicated oracular activism, Kaia Ra reveals specific elegant equations that are essential for understanding and navigating the inner journey of becoming a successful leader.

Discover how the journey of Divine Feminine Christ leadership is a sophisticated team effort in which the constant flow of your own intuition and the guidance of the Ascended Masters seamlessly supports the fulfillment of your destiny to awaken the heart of humanity.

Now, more than ever, we are here to lead The Way. There is currently NO shortage of a need for clear spiritual leaders and oracular activists at this time.


You and I are being called forth by the Ascended Masters to lead a spiritual revolution in Divine Feminine Christ consciousness side-by-side: uplifting each others’ success and unifying our angel wings to make this shared mission easier for us to fulfill together. The global-wide crises that we now face is exactly why we came here to lead as living angels on Earth.


Since I started working with Kaia Ra and the Stargate 2 Curriculum, I have let go of the fear of putting myself out there and bringing my gifts and talents to the world, and beyond! I finally understand that the journey of spiritual leadership can and will have challenges. The Stargate 2 Curriculum has given me the tools to navigate those challenges with grace and ease, and has taught me how to take care of myself in the process.

— Laura

Is The Sophia Code book included in the Stargate 2 Curriculum?

When purchasing the Stargate 2 Curriculum, The Sophia Code book is not included. We currently outsource to a print-on-demand publishing service that prevents us from directly selling the books with our programs. However, you can easily order your copy of The Sophia Code HERE.

How will I be able to access my Stargate 2 Curriculum class materials?

Your Stargate 2 Curriculum class materials can be accessed by logging into our private membership website with your personalized login information. The program is laid out for you to easily access all class materials including videos, audio files, and class reading and homework instructions. Upon your enrollment, please check your email for login details and email if you need any support.

Is there a prerequisite to enroll in the Stargate 2 Curriculum?

Yes. The Stargate 1 Curriculum provides a phenomenal amount of mentorship material that is foundational for stepping into the Stargate 2 Curriculum class material. We highly recommend that you go through The Sophia Code Mystery School programs in the order they were designed to initiate your consciousness. The Stargate 1 Curriculum is essential for learning how to embody your Higher Self and create lifelong mentor relationships with the Ascended Masters. Setting your course for learning at a high level of self-resourced focus and self-mastery, your Stargate 1 Curriculum Journey is essential for the steep growth curve of the Stargate 2 Curriculum materials. You can enroll in the Stargate 1 Curriculum HERE.

What if I don’t see myself as a Divine Feminine leader? Is the Stargate 2 Curriculum still applicable for me?

Kaia Ra believes that we’re all here to lead in our own unique way – revealing the power of divine love, embodied sovereignty, and authentic communion to those who Sophia guides us to minister to in every present moment of our daily Higher Self embodiment. Divine Feminine leadership is taking your embodiment to the next-level of being your truest self and living in alignment with your most authentic offering to the world, whatever that may be. You don’t need to be behind a microphone or under a spotlight to be making a radical difference in the world through living a committed mindset to lead The Way. This next-level quantum journey into the sacred heart of Divine Feminine leadership will be guiding all of us to new heights and depths of leading through example that can’t be understood yet with the mind — yet is essential for humanity’s future. We invite you to feel through your heart the importance of this pivotal moment in humanity’s evolution and to clarify how essential you are as a leading edge Lightworker at this time. Divine Feminine leadership is a mindset and way of life that we cannot have enough of in this world. We are all being called into such bigger versions of ourselves at this important chapter in humanity’s evolution.

What if I think I’m too young, too old, or too ________ to lead?

This is simply not true. Leading has nothing to do with age and everything to do with willingness. As some of our most beloved revolutionary mentors, speakers, teachers, and activists have shown us across history – they never allowed for circumstances of age, race, gender, finances, or even imprisonment to stop them from leading The Way. Examples include: Jeanne d'Arc, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Paramahansa Yogananda, Amelia Earhart, Nelson Mandela, Susan B. Anthony, Mother Theresa, and Maya Angelou to name a few. If you’re of a mature age and feel as though your role as leader has been fulfilled — this is simply not true. We thank you for your many years of loving service but the truth is that we need you. You especially. You walk with decades of life experience, perspective, and wisdom that many generations of Lightworkers can benefit from. Wisdom and understanding that can only be gathered from the years of life that you have lived. With the current global crises that we face, “retiring” from leadership is no longer a luxury that we can afford. If we want a world for your grandchildren and their children to inherit, we must all lead together. How you lead may change with the years, but staying actively engaged in the evolutionary journey of humanity is essential for completing your Legacy of Love in this lifetime.

Does my enrollment in the Stargate 2 Curriculum certify me to teach The Sophia Code as a class, community offering, or authorize me to speak on behalf of Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragon Tribe?

No. The names: Kaia Ra®, The Sophia Code®, The Sophia Dragon Tribe®, The Sophia Dragons®, and Embody Your Sovereignty®, are the intellectual property and internationally registered trademarks of Kaia Ra, LLC. No one may claim to be a spokesperson for Kaia Ra and The Sophia Dragon Tribe, or a teacher of The Sophia Code, without the written legal permission of Kaia Ra. The Stargate 2 Curriculum offers training and mentorship that prepares you to apply for Sophia Circle® Leadership Certification, which allows for you to make a professional offering with The Sophia Code book.

How do I properly quote passages from The Sophia Code or Kaia Ra on social media? Can I also quote The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership?

To properly quote passages from The Sophia Code, please use the following example as a reference: “Modern life is your Oversoul’s next-level mystery school. In this current Age of Miracles, we are fully committed to engaging with your awareness in a daily communion of mentorship.” —The Sophia Code, Pg. 37

  • Please use quotation marks that open and close the quoted material
  • Please use a hyphen followed by The Sophia Code, and then the page number
Quoting The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership is not allowed until its future publication as a book. Please keep all donwloadable PDF modules private, and of course refrain from illegal file sharing. To properly quote Kaia Ra from a class or video experience in the Stargate 2 Curriculum, please use the following example as a reference: "You’re not even praying about what you think you’re praying about. You’re praying to keep up with the prayer that is constantly praying you." —KAIA RA
  • Please use quotation marks that open and close the cited reference
  • Please use a hyphen followed by KAIA RA

Is there a private online forum for the Stargate 2 Curriculum?

With your purchase of the Stargate 2 Curriculum, you will have acccess to our private membership class forum. You can also access our free international community forum for The Sophia Code book on Facebook HERE.


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The Stargate 2 Curriculum provides life changing teachings for embodying the elegant equation of professional Divine Feminine leadership.

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$777 Exclusive Offer

Yes! Empowerment Payment Plans Available $277 per Month for 3 months

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