The Sophia Code  Curriculum




Your Modern Mystery School Journey

for Embodying Divine Feminine Christ Leadership


In your Stargate 2 mentor journey with Kaia Ra, you are guided deeper into The Sophia Code’s revolutionary blueprint for embodying your sovereignty. As you integrate the Higher Self teachings of Stargate 1, the inevitable call arises to guide others in their own self-initiated liberation.


The Stargate 2 Curriculum supports you stepping into the spotlight of your divine purpose and unique professional offering for this lifetime as you courageously commit to being seen as a Wayshower for others.

Drawing from a lifetime of dedicated oracular activism, Kaia Ra reveals specific elegant equations that are essential for understanding and navigating the inner journey of becoming a successful leader.

Discover how the journey of Divine Feminine Christ leadership is a sophisticated team effort in which the constant flow of your own intuition and the guidance of the Ascended Masters seamlessly supports the fulfillment of your destiny to awaken the heart of humanity.

Now, more than ever, we are here to lead The Way. There is currently NO shortage of a need for clear spiritual leaders and oracular activists at this time. You and I are being called forth by the Ascended Masters to lead a spiritual revolution in Divine Feminine Christ consciousness side-by-side: uplifting each others’ success and unifying our angel wings to make this shared mission easier for us to fulfill together. The global-wide crises that we now face is exactly why we came here to lead as living angels on Earth.

A Self-Study Online Curriculum & Community Membership
From my heart to yours

It’s clear that humanity is battling an accelerated wave of dark agendas being perpetuated on this planet. As Lightworkers, it’s vitally important for each of us to embody a resilient strength in order to refrain from internalizing this chaotic, punishing darkness as part of our identity. Divine Feminine Christ leadership accesses, claims, and reconciles us to the truth of our innate, sovereign divine light – and nothing less than that. This is the truth of our being and we must embody this truth for others who have painfully forgotten that they are a ‘Daughter and Son of the Most High’.


I have never been more certain about why we’re here to lead The Way for the next five years. 2018 marked the beginning of an astrological countdown in which humanity’s heart must evolve beyond being enslaved by the patriarchal paradigm or we and our planet will be crushed in irreversible ways. The truth is that everyday, we bravely live on a planet withstanding an annihilation rape consciousness that has been abusing our Family of Light for centuries.


In the first half of my life, I actually met the unseen face of this annihilation rape consciousness, which you can read about in the Preface of The Sophia Code. Through surviving systemic rape, military torture, and multiple death experiences, I stared into the countless faces of those who are orchestrating these agendas and discovered that the light of Sophia within me is more powerful than any army on Earth.


I can testify that our pure, innate divinity and sovereignty can actually surpass the greatest challenges to our generation with dignity, grace, and a coyote laughter that rebirths this outdated paradigm through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. I know, without a doubt, that we can actually rebirth a new world beyond anything that we’ve been told is possible. These daily global-wide atrocities that we are surviving have no power over us – for we are all waking up and remembering – right now – that these trials are our invitation to lead.

We came here to be nothing less than heroic – and I can tell you from

surviving the seeming impossible that it’s all worth it.

The greatest depths of your suffering can springboard you into the highest heights — revealing the glory of Sophia shining from within you. You and I came here to shine the greatest angelic light in the darkest of times to authentically remember and never forget again what we’re all really made of – the pure stardust of Sophia God – and nothing less.

I want to share with you everything that I’ve learned from lifetimes of leading from the ultimate paradigm shifter of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness. Join me for the dragon ride of a lifetime as we lead our Family of Light in this revolution to embody our sovereign divinity and birth the Golden Age of Miracles. Together, I know we’ve got this!

The Elegant Equation of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership
Class 1


Reclaiming the word ‘Christ’ as a one word Divine Feminine revolution by unraveling the not-so-hidden agenda of the Roman empire’s religious doctrine

Overcoming unconscious fears and religious programming that keeps you from speaking about God in the feminine

Clearing of cellular level patriarchal wounding while initiating your heart womb to birth beyond the past 2000 years of collective programming

Getting sober to the power of your own divinity by allowing Sophia to redefine you as your true self

Integrating The Sophia Code cosmology as a new Divine Feminine Christ paradigm to prepare your path for communicating about The Way to others

Communing in your direct relationship with Sophia anoints you to lead others to this same remembrance

Reconciling with the power of your voice and unique Divine Feminine message through a quantum travel soul retrieval ceremony in ancient Rome

Maintaining the direct line of your intuitive leadership by centering in your Higher Self consciousness every day

class 2



Opening your eyes to a divinity that’s gangster enough to never let you settle

Committing to radically loving yourself every day as the first medicine that you embody for others

Embodying invincible self-love while navigating the expectations, projections, and judgments of your clients and community –  even judgments from yourself!

Balancing your personal life and your work life so that they harmoniously serve and inspire one another

Understanding the gravity of your ongoing dharma with leadership: learn why the very consciousness that you are inviting others to embody is always going to transform you first

Embodying how it’s not about ‘being perfect’ but about being perfectly YOU

Overcoming unconscious fears and religious beliefs that keep you from speaking about God in the feminine

Surviving the loving grenades of your own innocence decimating your “uncomfortably comfortable” safe zones that keep you from your expansion

Creating systems of support that help you relax about your learning curve through leadership

Identifying how self care is your savior in leadership: get ready for the great reckoning and in-your-face responsibility of essential self-care practices that will keep you sane and in the game

class 3



Revealing the holy interdependent trinity of Divine Feminine Christ archetypal leadership: The Creatix, The Healer, and The Teacher

Confronting outdated belief systems of unworthiness to reconcile with your divine right to lead from every archetype

Using the seven step prayer for remaining fully present in the vulnerability of your moment-by-moment leadership

Identifying Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Divine Feminine Christ Leadership for yourself and others

Writing out the blueprint of your heart as a daily, monthly, and yearly practice to stay in tune with your divine purpose.

Staying in the rodeo of your Divine Feminine Christ leadership beyond being thrown in the Diva vs. Orphan arena

Navigating ego structure minefields as you surrender into The Creatrix archetype of your Higher Self

Getting over it and getting into it: why The Creatrix only ever wants more for you

class 4



Letting go of perfectionism that’s preventing you from leading: learn why you don’t have to ‘know everything’ to lead – ever

Identifying the masterful metaphysical blueprint of The Creatrix archetype and why this seemingly glamorous role scares the heck out of most people

Being called into the desert of life to clearly hear your own Higher Self beyond all distractions — why periods of great change and hermitage are cyclical in leadership

Recognizing that the messages, projects, and material that are calling you forward will often intimidate you

Intuitive leadership skills for delivering your most authentic and relevant offering that’s available to you within the unknown of every present moment

Embracing Sophia’s holographic womb of unlimited primordial space within you as a spiritual technology for birthing your divine purpose on Earth

Allowing your own Creatrix womb consciousness to rearrange your reality in support of The Birther weaving within you

Navigating the charismatic and magnetic phenomena of Divine Feminine Christ qualities-in-action

class 5



Invoking Divine Feminine Ascended Masters for your specific leadership needs, overcoming challenges, and allowing your expansion to bless you with success

Moving beyond The Birther sub-archetype and initiating The Divine Parent archetype of The Creatrix to ensure the success of your heart womb creations

Working as a team with your Ascended Master mentors and the angelic realms to create beyond the laws of form and manifest heavenly solutions 

Leading through The Beauty Way of magnifying how everyone’s greatest success and highest potential can seamlessly co-create Heaven on Earth as the one body of Sophia Christ

Resourcing the eight Keycode mentors and their unique qualities, personalities, and expertise for you to feel supported in your leadership every day

Becoming sober to your creative power to live a life of exceptional self-mastery – and why that responsibility intimidates most leaders out of their calling

Allowing Divine Feminine Ascended Masters to re-parent your consciousness with the unconditional love that you deserve to experience every day as you lead

Embodying the honeycomb blueprint of Divine Feminine Christ leadership: how it’s essential to recognize that you’re the queen bee of your own reality as well as the worker bee of Sophia’s sacred heart

class 6



Resourcing The Healer’s tenacity and Sophia’s heavenly frequency to consistently birth a new paradigm amidst the brutal war zone of multidimensional duality

Being brave at speaking your truth – especially when it feels messy — and why these moments are your greatest opportunities to lead 

Navigating important guidelines for The Healer archetype that maintain healthy psychic boundaries and generate an ever-increasing respect

Embracing The Healer archetype from the evolutionary perspective of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and our ancient Star Nation families

Embodying the vulnerability of keeping your heart open and your wings up to support others in miraculously opening their own heart

Making it yours — why it’s essential for your channeled / intuitively resourced wisdom to come through your unique voice

class 7



Embracing the vulnerable yet raw power of being seen in your personal healing journey as the beating heart of your leadership

Getting over it and getting into it — why your success means more to the world than just what it means for you – and why your willingness to be seen is worth the risk

Stepping up into your own starlight – why being professional in your offering allows for others to receive your message / offering more readily

Releasing the unconscious, painful need to control how others perceive what came through you behind the mic

Creating space for unexpected fears and anxieties to alchemize as real-time medicine for your presentation on stage 

Giving yourself the permission slip that you don’t have to like being seen to still show up to your divine purpose for leading The Way

Releasing unconscious self-sabotage about your appearance to avoid the responsibilities of being seen as a reliable resource of support for others

Showing up to the stage, your classroom, and your commitments to serve whether you want to or not – and the miracles that always follow as a result

class 8



Identifying important cycles of “sweating it out” and resisting your success – which earmarks that you’re about to have a major breakthrough

Clearing spiritual oaths of poverty that are profoundly obstructing personal prosperity and important opportunities for moving forward

Recognizing how your success as a leader is deeply interwoven with the success of others stepping forward in their own success

Managing your relationship with money is one of the greatest mirrors for your relationship with yourself – including if you are willing to accept success as your divine birthright

Moving through the hard feelings and socially conditioned expectations about spirituality and business being uniquely intertwined in this lifetime

Embodying the spiritual maturity that can only be experienced through the willingness to achieve, nurture, and expand in your success 

Letting go of the grief that the ancient mystery school system no longer exists and why this modern dynamic provides evolutionary gold for our generation