Activating the Sovereign Divinity of Humanity

The Sophia Code Foundation

The Sophia Code Foundation was birthed in 2018 by Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team to create a legacy of love for generations to come. 


Our online sanctuaries and in-person events provide sacred containers for practicing the ancient art form of oracular activism as revealed in our Divine Feminine sacred text: The Sophia Code. 


Our long-term version is to create a Divine Feminine temple complex site consecrated to The Sophia Code teachings and our international ministry to activate the sovereign divinity of humanity. 


This complex will eventually include a temple dedicated to the Divine Mother, a spiritual healing center for survivors of rape and trauma, a spiritual leadership training facility, and earth-based interspecies teaching / healing programs.


We believe it is time for the Divine Feminine to have her face and rightful place in worship spaces, which we hope will heal the hearts and minds of humanity through representing the Divine Mother’s unconditional love for us all.


It is our prayer that the architectural beauty of our Divine Feminine temple will inspire unity across all lineages of faith and mirror to humanity its true worth and divine origin. Every day we are changing lives through our Divine Feminine movement!

Every day we are changing lives through our Divine Feminine movement!

The Sophia Code Foundation is a recognized 501(C)3 entity, registered in the state of Arizona.

All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us HERE.


Our Mission Is to Serve Humanity Through:

Creating beautiful Divine Feminine healing centers and temples at renown sacred sites

Education that integrates animal communication therapies with ascension healing modalities

Free online broadcasts and in-person events

To offer ceremonial gatherings for community empowerment and spiritual rites of passage

Spiritual leadership training centers for empowering personal and collective missions

Divine Feminine worship and meditation services

Our Divine Feminine Ministry Advocates for:

Empowering survivors of domestic violence, rape, human trafficking and torture through a comprehensive holistic model for multi-level quantum healing, which includes a foundational spiritual education from The Sophia Code Mystery School Curriculums.

Teaching about the spiritual significance and contributions of specific animal species to our living biosphere and  The Sophia Code cosmology, including but not limited to, supporting the mission of the White Bison Association and advocating for the future of bees.

Nurturing our global community of Lightworkers who attend "The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective", which is a free monthly offering that includes meditation, prayer, energy healing, and ascension teachings from The Sophia Code sacred text. 

Be a Part of the Divine Feminine Revolution

The Sophia Code Foundation is a recognized 501(C)3 entity, registered in the state of Arizona.

All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us HERE.



We know there are many causes that you can choose to support in this lifetime. We deeply value your choice to contribute and support of The Sophia Code Foundation. Thank you for believing in our shared ministry to activate the sovereign divinity of humanity with compassion, empowerment, healing and grace.

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The Temple of Sophia cathedral space will include (8) major interactive altars dedicated to each Keycode Ascended Master Mentor featured in The Sophia Code cosmology. These altars will be available for visitors to explore their direct connection with Source through meditation, prayer, lighting candles, and reading Divine Feminine literature.


There will be an additional (5) minor altar spaces within and around the temple structure, including a koi pond and walking labyrinth for outdoor meditation.


Design elements will be included for praying with all 4 elements of earth, water, fire, and air. Our intention is to create a cathedral space that includes large sweeping views of red rock mesas for inspiring our visitors to deepen in their direct relationship and communion with the Earth as an essential part of our Divine Feminine heritage.


The Temple of Sophia Spiritual Center will also include the following healing & educational resources: 

The Sophia Bee Farm includes hives and “pollinator gardens” to support the restoration of local bee, butterfly, and pollinator populations; includes bee product donation sales; provides spiritual education classes on the Divine Feminine oracular practices of ancient bee cultures.

Cross of Camargue Equine Therapy Center includes horses trained in Equine healing therapies for healing trauma survivors and family constellations; private / group classes on the Divine Feminine artform of animal communication and interspecies healing. 

Joan of Arc Leadership Training Center — Workshop center for training Divine Feminine leaders with ceremonial rites of passage, physical strength training, superfood nutrition, emotional intelligence training, psychic development training, and professional skillset trainings.

Magdalene Healing Center — Spiritual Healing Center for education, rehabilitation, and professional empowerment of survivors of rape, human trafficking, torture, and domestic violence.

“Temple of Sophia” Divine Feminine Cathedral Space — Open 5-7 days a week for free meditation and prayer at the many altars and peace gardens surrounding the temple. Includes by-donation musical and educational events, temple space will also host Sophia Circle Journeys® through The Sophia Code book by our certified Sophia Circle Leaders.

“Isis Visitor Center” to include vegan café, art gallery, and book shop for jewelry and spiritual lifestyle products designed by Kaia Ra to support the on-going operation of the center. The visitor center also includes staff administrative offices.

“Green Tara’s Farm-to-Table Garden” — Mid-size greenhouse for growing year-round produce for the vegan café. Also serves as an educational model for organic farming.


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