The Sophia Code Foundation

Founded in 2018 by Kaia Ra & The Sophia Dragon Tribe Team, The Sophia Code Foundation was birthed as an answered prayer for our international community to heal, activate, empower, and serve others through Divine Feminine resources for spiritual awakening.


We currently provide high-quality live broadcasts, virtual meeting spaces, and ascension teaching materials through social media platforms. Our long-term goals include providing ascension educational resources to a variety of communities, the creation of quantum healing centers, and building consecrated temple spaces at sacred sites for sharing about Divine Feminine Christ consciousness.


Our online sanctuaries and in-person events provide sacred containers for practicing the ancient art form of oracular activism as revealed in our Divine Feminine sacred text: The Sophia Code.

Every day we are changing lives through our Divine Feminine movement!

The Sophia Code Foundation is a recognized 501(C)3 entity, registered in the state of Arizona.

All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us HERE.

Mission and Service of

The Sophia Code Foundation
The mission of The Sophia Code Foundation is to serve humanity through:

Construction and operation of Divine Feminine healing centers and temples at sacred sites

Live online broadcasts and in-person spiritual events

Integrated animal communication therapies with Earth-based and ascension healing modalities

Organized ceremonial gatherings for community empowerment and ascension rites of passage

Divine Feminine worship and meditation services

High-quality ascension educational resources for empowering individuals and communities through Divine Feminine Christ consciousness

The Sophia Code Foundation serves the following causes
through Divine Feminine Christ leadership:

Empowering survivors of atrocities that include: domestic violence, rape, and torture through a comprehensive holistic model for multi-level quantum healing which includes a foundational spiritual education provided for by The Sophia Code Divine modern mystery school curriculum

Teaching about the spiritual significance and contributions of specific animal species to our living biosphere, including but not limited to, partnering with the White Bison Association to eventually assume care for members of the only white bison herd on the planet, which are considered sacred creatures of answered prophecy within The Sophia Code cosmology

Providing an outreach ministry for freeing, healing, and empowering survivors of human trafficking, occult ritual abuse, mind control programs, and spiritual / religious cult abuse

Be a Part of the Divine Feminine Revolution

The Sophia Code Foundation is a recognized 501(C)3 entity, registered in the state of Arizona.

All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us HERE.


Our Next Steps for Grounding Heaven on Earth

Open retail store in Sedona, AZ for a portion of sales to support the Foundation’s causes and long-term goals

Set-up online donation system for individuals recovering from trauma and abuse, as well as prisoners, to receive free copies of The Sophia Code

Continuing to offer The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective as a free monthly broadcast for healing and activating our global community of Lightworkers

Create online membership site for The Heaven on Earth Prayer Collective members to deepen in their spiritual growth beyond monthly calls

Purchase property in Hawaii for our first Divine Feminine temple and healing center. Ministry model includes an organic, educational farm for quantum healing and oracular training that includes equine therapy and bee population restoration. Including teaching about the importance of bees as a central spiritual totem in the cosmology of Divine Feminine oracular activism

Temple sites that provide on-site facilitated experiences of Divine Feminine teachings integrated with animal therapy holistic partners for transformational healing and education — Species that we are immediately intending to work with include: bees, horses, recovering raptors, large felines, and the White Buffalo


Divine Feminine Revolution
Build Sophia Temple Centers at the following sacred Sites:
Hawaii (Island TBD)
Mount Shasta, CA
Glastonbury, England
Sedona, AZ
Malibu, CA
Australia (Location TBD)

The Sophia Code Foundation is a recognized 501(C)3 entity, registered in the state of Arizona.

All donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible. For any questions, you are welcome to contact us HERE.



We know there are many causes that you can choose to support in this lifetime. We deeply value your choice to contribute and support of The Sophia Code Foundation. Thank you for believing in our shared ministry to activate the sovereign divinity of humanity with compassion, empowerment, healing and grace.


In our shared prayer to birth a new paradigm founded in Sophia Christ consciousness, we are truly changing the world by serving one heart at a time for our collective liberation. Together we are the miracle makers. Thank you for your Higher Self contribution and service to The Sophia Code Foundation as a living angel on Earth.

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